Stack Exchange provides answers to your Android questions

Ever find yourself downloading a new application only to watch it hang out there indefinitely?  All your other apps download just fine except that one you just paid for. What do you do now?

How about this scenario: You love the older version of an application considerably more than the latest release. How do you find older copies of an app?

[dropcap_1] S [/dropcap_1] tack Exchange, a website dedicated to questions and answers on a wide range of topics in different fields, recently started an Android division of its service.  Aimed at Android enthusiasts, it’s a place where users can go to ask questions just like the two above.  Since it’s free to use and open to the public, you’ll find a variety of topics that may be specific to one particular phone (SD Card keeps getting unmounted on my HTC Desire) or more general (Siri counterparts).

If you’re new to Android and need a little hand-holding, the Android page at Stack Exchange might be a great place to start.  Heck, even seasoned Android veterans can find a bit of value here as there are numerous questions and tags related to rooting, modding, and hacking.

Should you be the type who likes to help answer questions, this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge.  Earn one of the more than sixty badges which show off your your abilities and willingness to help.

Stack Exchange has been around (Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User) for more than a few years now, notching credibility and respect for multiple fields so a transition to Android just feels natural.  We’re aware of other sites out there, especially forums, who seek to help users, but we definitely think Stack Exchange is one to watch.

Beginning this week, we’ll be showcasing hot topics and unanswered questions here on AndroidGuys.  Some will be broad, general interest stuff that appeals to a common base while others will be specifically targeted at select devices and scenarios.  We invite you to participate in answering anything you can and expect to see the community prosper as a result!  Keep an eye out for regular posts on Android questions.

One final note – you’ll see a direct link in the very top of the AndroidGuys navigation bar called “Ask your Android Questions”.  Clicking this will take


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