Stay On Top Of The News With News Republic

With 150,000 regular users, News Republic is the primary source for news on Smartphones in the U.K. Now News Republic has crossed the pond with a new Android app for their American allies.

This news app is a great way to free yourself from the ton of paper periodicals you pick up. Or it can save you some time from browsing your favorite news sites for hours. With News Republic you can stay well informed on many different topics in the current news. Expecting just United States news, I still saw many article from Europe and the UK. Good or Bad? Up to you.
  • 1,500 breaking news sources: sports, business, tech, celebrity and entertainment
  • Follow your topics of interest. The app will organize relevant stories for you on a dedicated interface.
  • Set up your news channels as widgets. You can follow as many topics as you wish.
  • 30,000+ topics covered, so you can use News Republic as a “news encyclopedia.”
  • Share via Facebook and Twitter.
The News Republic app is availble free in the Android Market or via AppBrain. Full release is said to be on January 21, 2011, so the app will probably have some minor improvements/changes in the near future.