Stitcher Radio get offline listening with latest update

Stitcher fans, wait no more, you asked for it and now you’ve got it.  A newly updated release of the on demand news, entertainment, sports and talk radio app is out and it’s got some great new features. Chief among the details is the Offline Mode which allows users to select playlists and listen to them offline, anywhere. Your list automatically updates in the background and can be set to download over Wi-Fi only. Also, the intuitive UI now includes a left side drawer for main navigation and features left-to-right swipe capabilities, improved playback, and better memory management.

Key features in newest feature Stitcher Radio:

  • Offline Mode – Listen to your shows anywhere, regardless of whether you have a wireless connection.  Set any of your playlists to be available offline and these lists will automatically update in the background, making them accessible for listening whether you’re on a plane, in the subway or riding your bike in the middle of nowhere. Stitcher is set up by default to only download when Wi-Fi is available so you don’t need to worry about excessive data usage.
  • Drawer Navigation – Always getting easier to use, Stitcher now employs a left-side drawer for main navigation.  Instead of requiring you to tap back four times in order to navigate to a different section of Stitcher, now you can swipe right from the left edge to access Stitcher’s main menu.
  • Key usability improvements and crash fixes – Stitcher is more reliable than ever, with improvements to playback and better management of memory.

Download Stitcher Radio from Google Play Store today