Sunrise, a free calendar made for Google Calendar and iCloud, just introduced apps, adding the ability to connect Songkick, Evernote, Github, Asana and TripIt to your calendar.

If you needed another way to connect all of your apps and view them in one place, look no further.


Sunrise said that with Songkick connected, it brings your concerts directly in your calendar, allowing you to see where concerts are taking place on a map.

“You can select which calendars you can want to see, only the events you’re tracking or all the events for a given city!”

If you connect the others, you can see and edit your Evernote notes, have full two-way synchronization between Github or Asana, with any changes in Sunrise reflected in Github and Asana in real-time, and with TripIt, all travel plans will be synchronized in your calendar as well.

Support for more apps will be added in future updates.

Source: Sunrise

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