Symbian CEO Wants to Work With Google on Mobile OSes?

News and Rumors Symbian CEO Wants to Work With Google on Mobile OSes?

Some odd things have happened in the tech industry over the years but this one seems stranger than fiction. Nigel Clifford, CEO of Symbian, made a striking statement in Tokyo this week when he said “If there is an opportunity, we will be happy to collaborate with them. And that could be on the application level or that could be on the more fundamental operating system level.” And what is it that he was referring to? Why working with Google, of course! Just weeks after the Nokia deal was completed, Symbian may be warming to Google as well as Android?

What the heck is taking place here? Is it possible we could see a joint venture by Google and Symbian where they will merge Android and Symbian together to make one big Open Source powerhouse? Or is it that Mr Clifford is just sucking up to the big G? We leave you to make that decision for yourselves as we try to understand and find out where all this could lead to.

Let us know what you think about Clifford’s comments and/or the potential that exists when two super powers join forces.

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