T-Mobile G1s’ 3G Woes

The free trial period for T-Mobile G1s’ new 3G network expired today as the users found their data plans being revised to that to which they signed while pre-ordering their G1.  With a fortnight passed since the G1 was launched officially, T-Mobile is rumored to be facing some serious technical glitches.  In fact, today most of the customers reported the whole Internet connection was found to be down. Their data plans have been switched to the pre-signed data plans and the network was found to be making much noise.

The carrier has had few problems with its network before but this should be taken seriously by customers who’ve made a switch from the other carriers, so that the may be using Android. Hope, the guys stitch into the woes soon else Hesse ‘d be found making merry!

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  1. I find this all very odd. Here in the UK we don’t pay extra for 3G in fact we will get the HSDPA speeds all included for £40 per month and it’s only 18 months. Oh well….

  2. This post is not clear and might even be erroneous.

    1. Your post gives the impression that the data plans were switched from the free trial version to the data plan for which users signed up when pre-ordering G1. This is NOT the case. The user’s plans switched to the plans they ALREADY had BEFORE they got their G1. So, if a user did not have a data plan before they got the G1, they lost their data connectivity now. It appears that T-Mobile did not add the optional data plan for the G1 phone, to these G1 users.

    2. Your post also gives the impression that T-Mobile’s data network went down (affecting users of all phones, not just the G1). Again, that is not the case. The data network itself is quite okay. It is just that some or all G1 users were not correctly configured to access their data plans. I am a T-Mobile BlackBerry user. I saw absolutely no issues with my data connectivity.

    The problem is in the configuration of the plans of G1 users. Not with T-Mobile’s data network itself. Hope this clarifies.

  3. I was wondering why I couldn’t connect. First my 3g went two days ago then my edge yesterday. I get a message from tmo today saying that my chages took effect (the g1 plan I assume) and everything is ok again. I even did a master reset on the phone sigh. Good thing everything is synced with my google account. I would have cried if I had to add all my contacts again.

  4. This has absolutely nothing to do with 3G. The problem was that they cancelled the data plan after 7 days as if it was a free trial, but we weren’t informed that it was a trial when we signed up, causing confusion when the data access was gone.

    For the record, I had a data plan before getting the G1, but when they cancelled my “trial” they left me with no plan whatsoever.

  5. Hi Aravind,

    I didn’t mean the network was down. I just meant the G1’s were swapped with the data plans that the users signed when pre-ordering the G1. You can just follow the umpteen number of posts posted on this issue, guess some problem with my presentation. I’d try to improve on it.

    Thanks for the comment.

  6. acutally the 3g network did go down. I work for a t-mobile retail store and was able to add the g1 data package to my own phone. Even though i did i still was unable to acess any data for 6 hours. When data did go back up it was only edge.

  7. Ben, it just depends on the carrier. I pay $15/month for unlimited 3G data and the speeds are on par with DSL. The new 3G TMobile network is one reason I have not purchased a G1. My current service has proven to be the best bang for the buck so far and I am hesitant to leave for something more expensive or less tested.

  8. neodorian said: I pay $15/month for unlimited 3G data and the speeds are on par with DSL.

    What carrier charges only $15/month for unlimited data?

  9. I am about to return the G1
    I have had the G1 for 5 days and have had to go to the Mobile store three times (15 miles)
    Here are the problems that apparently the G1 won’t do YET!
    1. won’t download my telephone book from my Blackberry–I must do it one at a time unless I download it onto Outlook and then upload it to the G1–problem is I don’t use Outlook, I use Comcast.

    2. I cannot do Gmail because the G1 does not support Comcast YET

    3. I cannot connect my GPS therefore hands free telephone requirement in the State of Washington has been lost!
    On my own I did get the GPS to connect but it won’t stay connected.

    4. I have to go through My Comcast to access my email–hardly a convenience when with Blackberry I had three Email address access options. Work, the Blackberry and my comcast.

    When I have been on line and gotten a telephone call my attempt to punch the green telephone icon resulted in my either losing the call or losing the website I was on.

  10. I cannot get my comuter yo recognize and connect with the MD card in the G!. When I plug inthe usb cable a new removeable drive shows up and prpoerties indicates that the computer thinks the phone is hooked up and working fine. When I left click on the Removable drive Ikon to open it tells me to insert a disk.

    The instruction books tells me to go to SD card & phone stoirage and hit a command “use fod USB storage: but that command does not appear anywhere so there is now way to hook up. Tech support has no clue nor do the stores. Tech dude told me to exchange the phone so I did but the new one is exactly the same. Guess I’ll be returning it in a few minutes.

    It is a fun phone but totally unsuited for business. Will not connect and sync wthl my 400 plus contacts in Outlook and only holds name and number on the sim card so all my client data in the notes under contacts in outlook goes away.


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