T-Mobile to Focus on Network After AT&T Fallout

So what’s a company to do after the deal that they were relying on becomes null and void? Onward and upward!

T-Mobile Chief Executive Philip Humm has gone on the record to say that their number one priority will be to improve and update their network in an attempt to pull in customers. This includes new customers and the customers they lost in the announcement of the deal with AT&T.

Humm was also asked about what was going to be done with the impending $3 billion that T-Mobile is due from AT&T, thanks to the buyout deal falling through. The Chief Executive had no direct answer to this question, stating, “When you’re a large company you decide how you want to structure the balance sheet of your subsidiaries. It’s more a debate now of how much you want to deliver, how much you want to invest.”

When asked about LTE, Humm seemed unconcerned, saying that there wasn’t a huge difference between T-Mobile’s HSPA+ speeds and the speeds offered on the other carriers’ 4G speeds. He also pegged LTE as “very relevant to the capital markets and the press,” but not something that the average consumer cared about, saying that LTE was something that the carrier would migrate to over time.

Finally, regarding the negative reaction to the AT&T and T-Mobile merger, Humm said that T-Mobile had no way of knowing that the deal was going to be received so negatively, saying that T-Mobile “wouldn’t have gone for it if we knew.”

Hmm…what do you think?!

Source: WSJ

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