T-Mobile: We’ve Sold Three Times as Many G1’s as We Anticipated

T-Mobile has seen incredible success thus far with the G1 handset preorders. They’re doing so well in fact that they had to nearly triple the amount of handsets available for the October 22nd release.

Because of overwhelming demand, we’re setting aside even more T-Mobile G1â„¢ phones as a special thanks to you, our loyal T-Mobile customers. This is your chance to order yours today, before it hits the streets, and guarantee you don’t go without. – T-MobileG1.com

This comes as good news for T-Mobile as they aim to claw their way towards becoming the third largest wireless carrier in the USA.  With Sprint having a few down quarters in a row and T-Mobile continuing to add net customers, this handset might be what is needed to catapult them towards the top three.

It might take more than a few lucky quarters to get them in there, but it’s becoming more obvious to us by the week that T-Mobile is a much more progressive thinking company than most. Dan Hesse has done some great things for Sprint so far, but he’s got to keep his foot on the gas. Hopefully, there’s a few tricks up his sleeve for the end of this year as we wait for their Android handset.

Congratulations to T-Mobile on the initial success of the G1!Hopefully, once the handsets are in the world, users are showing them off and bringing new customers in droves, wanting their phones to do similar things.

If preorders ain’t your thing, you can sign up for the email alert that let’s you know the second the G1 hits the street.

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  1. I am a huge T-Mobile fan. Nearly switched for iPhone but didn’t want AT&T. The service T-Mobile has given me has been top notch and they earned my loyalty. I’m glad I waited for the G1.

  2. Hopefully if HTC does make an Android Touch HD (even better if it was a Touch HD Pro w/keyboard), T-Mobile or any other carrier willing to support it won’t cripple it like the American Touch Diamond and Touch Pro i.e. removing front camera, slower processor, less ram etc.

  3. @Stew: The US/Sprint HTC Touch Diamond is better than the unlocked version despite the lack of front camera (video calling is not supported by US networks), due to a better battery and a lovely reddish back that’s matte so it does not attract fingerprints. It’s only the upcoming Verizon Diamond that’s going to be crippled…

  4. Yeah a Touch HD Pro running Android would fulfill many dreams out there… it would be disastrous if they removed the front cam though.

  5. Ok smarta$$. It’s disastrous compared to what happens in the mobile manufacturing world. In the “context” sense, and not in the absolute meaning of the word disastrous when used in common language. But hey if you feel better converting it to a subtle condescending comment instead with a hidden purpose of undermining a real tragic event that happened to real families, then that’s your own personality deficiency and you need to take care of it yourself.

  6. T-Mobile is the best in customer service!!!!! I had sprint for 14 days and had to go to the utilities board to get my money back (almost $1,000.00.) I would never leave T-mobile even if they never had as G1 phone. Sprint was voted worst customer service in the U.S. 2 years ago. People including some who work at sprint work hard for their money and deserve pleasant helpful service -T-MOBILE is great.

  7. I have been with T-Mo for years even in Germany (under thier parent company Duetch Telecom) and have had nothing but OUTSTANDING customer service with them. I too was almost sucked into the iphone craze, but I knew T-Mo would not let me down. Its a great Phone and it does 2-3x more than the iphone could do (voice activated dialing, cut and paste, and picture text to numbers..not emails like the iphone). GREAT JOB T-MO!

  8. Ive been with several phone providers and although they sometimes have much better phones T-Mobile has finally came out with something worth getting Ive been with T-Mobile for several years and its true when they say no matter what customer service takes the cake that’s what keeps them going everyone I talk to that has a different provider and and are always surprised how good T-Mobile is to their customers and now a phone to back that up GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to get my hands on Mine :)

  9. T-Mobile ROCKS !!!!! I have been through EVERY company SPRINT/ NEXTEL is the worst of all . T-MOBILE customer service is by far the best i have been with them for 4 years now and would never switch to another company, Keep up the GREAT work T- MOBILE HOPE one day they are the number one service provider..

  10. When ur service sucks, you have no choice but to have great customer service. G1 looks solid. but the closed design looks OLD and Bulky. I think they could have made it look sleeker. But anyways, Touch Pro is still the way to go.

  11. I’m a Tier III tech rep for t-mo, and we got G1 training a few days ago.. and By the Gods this phone is amazing! does everything the iphone can do… We took a picture of a rockstar can’s barcode, and the phone told us the 5 closest stores to get one through google maps! I almost crapped my pants, seeing what an amazing piece of technology this is.

  12. I love t-mobile and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I was with sprint as well as tmobile and between the two, t-mobile is where it’s at! Im a t-mobile customer for life!!

  13. I have been a tmobile Customer for 3 years now and I have been attached to my sidekicks…. I have tried switching to other phones tmobile has came out with, a couple of blackberrys and the WING, but each time I have taken them back to get my sidekick back. I have preordered the G1 phone and I am hoping it is finally the phone to take me away from my sidekick….

  14. well seeing how its going to be the first phone of its kind, this might actually be good, but it will have a lot of bugs.

  15. T-mobile rocks…. I’m so glad the new touch phone has arrived and t-mobile is truely KING!
    T-mobiles customer service reps are the BOMB!!!!! Keep up the good work.

  16. I’ve been with Tmo for four years and have had nothing but good experiences with their customer service dept. I almost fell for the Iphone craze but can’t stand to change providers. The coverage is good too as I realized during the hurricane Ike. my calls were going through while the Sprint, Att and other customers had no coverage or had to go upstairs to get a signal. hope this G1 pulls through and succeeds. i can’t wait for the 22nd

  17. I’ve been with Tmo for four years and have had nothing but good experiences with their customer service dept. I almost fell for the Iphone craze but can’t stand to change providers. The coverage is good too as I realized during the hurricane Ike. my calls were going through while the Sprint, Att and other customers had no coverage or had to go upstairs to get a signal. hope this G1 pulls through and succeeds. i can’t wait for the 22nd

  18. I have had T-mobile for 5 years, I had AT&T worst customer service ever, and SO MANY DROPPED CALLS (for those of you who saw that commercial) I also had Sprint/Nextel and no one could ever get ahold of me, “Please hold while the nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located” …..lol, Also I had Verizon, and they charge you for things I’ve never heard of and considering I only had it for 1 month and forgot it at home most of the time, to see hundreds of dollars in overages was ridiculous. Tmobile has the best coverage out there, they are currently working on getting their new 3g network across the US which is Huge! Also they never let you go over, if you do they offer to upgrade your plan and then downgrae for the next billing cyle, and depending on how long you have been with them you’ll also get BONUS minutes. They are always friendly, and knowledgeble. Best of yet, all their call centers are based right in the US. so there are no misscommunications with someone that can barley speak English. All the other companies can’t say that they offer x amount of us citizens jobs right here in the us for decent pay. :) Tmobile also offers their employees, ALL OF THEM including part-time Health Coverage, tuition assistance and discounts off their bill. Tmobile was voted 4 years in a row BEST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by peoples Magazine. TMOBILE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. i have been with t-mo for years and would never switch to any phone company. I’ve been with all of them. Sprint, at&t and verizon. there’s nothing like t-mo, customer service is great. i cant wait to get mine soon…..

  20. T-MOBILE is where is is at!!! I have been very satisfied with ALL of the services !! I have been wanting a touch screen phone, but I did not want to leave t-mo. I am excited about the G1. This is THE phone!

  21. I have been a T-Mobile customer for almost 9 years now (started with Voicestream). None of the other companies even come close to the price plans and as far as coverage, I have seen them grow from mostly metropolitan areas to coverage just about everywhere the others have it. I even get loyalty minutes for being a customer with them so long, who else offers that?? The only downfall the company has had so far is that they waited so long to introduce 3G on their towers. Now that people have spent the money on their iphones, they don’t want to just “throw it away” that is where T-Mobile lost customers. As those contracts run out though over the next couple years and people realize what they are missing out on, I think we will see T-Mobile not only in the top 3, but possibly the top 2. Excellent Customer Service, great coverage, innovative phones and now 3G data coverage … it can happen!!

  22. Ive been with tmboile for a few years and had nextel before and it was terrible!!! dropped calls no one could reach me it was terrible!!! i recently had to get a new blackberry because the previous one died i had a new phone in 3 three days customer service was polite and that made me less upset about the situation…I was almost sucked into the iphone craze as well but didnt want at&t im beyond excited about the G1!!!!!

  23. guys and dolls i llove the way t mo is going i have been with them since they bought voicestream 10 years ago i have never left them i have a shadow and cant wait for my g 1 i was geeked out when i was comfirmed to get one so just to say t mo rocks and i will always stay with a company that is customer first , actually i have 10 YEARS holla

  24. A rep just told me that the g1 was sent out early and can be recieved as early as tomorrow ( oct 17). That is if you pre-ordered of course

  25. Ha! I got mine on 21st!!!! I’ve been playing with it for the last 24 hours (almost didn’t sleep at all last night! – yeah, I still have a life, but this gadget deserves all the buzz!!! The GPS, the Street View, the barcode scanner and cheapest prices around including online stores, the voice dial – I have an accent and even recognizes my english :)))) Dammmm!!! I love it!
    Oh, and song tags, with link to Youtube or Amazon – frickin’ cool!

  26. For T-Mobile’s G1, there will be a bundle of tmobile g1 accessories online to select from; everything from Backup Batteries to Car Accessories, G1 Cases, Chargers, Cables, Headphones, Cradles, Bluetooth Accessories, and more. The list goes on and on, but basically the primary purposes of any g1 accessories are to add functionality, such as where you can use it and what you can use it with, make some features easier to use, and extend the use of the G1 Android phone at Fommy.com.

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