Time to train your brain. That’s right, keep yourself sharp with Tap my Twin by matching colors and shapes and beat your high score in this fast paced game.

Developer: DAE Studios
Cost: Free (In-app purchase to remove ads for $2.24)
Game Play

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Tap my Twin is easy to understand yet deceivingly hard game to master. It incorporates matching shapes and colors within a matter of seconds.

Each level features a countdown timer that starts at three. You must match either the color or shape of the object shown before the time runs out. When searching for the match, if there is no shape of the same color to match, then you must match the color and not the shape.

The countdown timer doesn’t exactly countdown in seconds, per se. It goes from three to one, but those numbers represent the points you receive if you answer correctly at that moment. The deeper you get in the game, the faster it goes. Think of it like countdown trivia at a sports bar.

Once you answer the question correctly, you quickly move to the next one. If you don’t answer correctly, then the game is over. Your high score is recorded and you are then given the option to share your score via the usual social media places.

At the end of some of the rounds, you are offered a chance to watch a video and receive a reward. It could be an extra time bonus at the end of you turn or an extra life to pick up where you left off. It also connects with Google Achievements as well as comparing high scores with your friends and globally.


I love these brain teaser games that are setup as simple and yet hard. They reel you in with,


“Hey just match the color or shape”, but then it gets tricky. It could show you a purple triangle and the options are a yellow triangle, purple circle, yellow square, blue square, and blue hexagon. So which one do you choose? Everything in you says you must choose the purple triangle because triangle and triangle, right? Wrong. You must choose the purple circle. Then you kick yourself in the butt and start over.

Then there is the added pressure of the timer counting down to throw you in a panic. Your mind is racing to answer what should be an easy answer but it’s not. That is the definition of a good game, frustrating you just enough that you have to keep playing while not being painstakingly annoying. It a fine balance, and they got it right here.


This is a fun quick play game that can become really addictive, really fast. It doesn’t take much brainpower to understand the how to play, but keeping up is the challenge. The one thing I am confused about is the option to remove ads. The only ads I have seen is the optional ones after gameplay that allows you power ups. There are no other ads that I have seen. So keep that in mind when deciding about the upgrade.

Download Tap my Twin in the Play Store

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