Teddy Tumble Proves Laundry Can be Fun, and Very Dizzying

It’s pretty much a fact that people hate doing laundry.  It’s also an unwritten rule that teddy bears are to be viewed only as cute and cuddly.  But what happens when you combine the two?  You get Teddy Tumble, the 2D puzzle platformer, that’s what.  Spread across 90 dizzying levels of game play, your goal is to have Teddy collect the detergent balls and get out of the washer.  What starts out very simple, quickly becomes agonizing.  You’ll need to avoid those pesky dirt balls who want to cling to your fur, ruining things.

Teddy Tumble features 5 sections (Tumble, Soap, Lint, Steam, and Rinse) and should feel very  familiar to fans of Cut the Rope or Angry Birds.  Why?  Because you can’t really call yourself a a true champion unless you’ve cleared the game with three “stars” on every level.  Regardless of what your score is, you can still brag it up over Facebook or Twitter thanks to the built-in integration.

Teddy Tumble is free to download on Android 2.0.1 but features in-game ads.  We played through seven rounds of the game and found them to be only minimally obtrusive.  Note: The game is 46MB in size so you may wanna check to see if you have the room on your phone.  Otherwise, move that to your SD card!