Quick! What’s almost as good as having a Garmin Android phone? Having one that does everything a Garmin GPS unit does, silly! Since we won’t betting a Garmin/Asus phone anytime soon, we’re extremely excited to at least have all the functionality of one.

In around two weeks time, G1 owners will be able to test drive a 30-day trial version of TeleNav’s GPS Nagivator software. True turn-by-turn directions are coming to the G1!  The app looks like it’s going to be slammed with features and functions.

After the 30-day trial, users can sign up for the service at $10 a month. So what do you get for your money? An awful lot actually.

  • Current weather
  • Search by business
  • 3D moving maps
  • Name and address recognition
  • Rerouting
  • Traffic alerts
  • Restaurant ratings/reviews
  • Search by gas price
  • Night time map color
  • A whole bunch more!

At $120 for a full year it’s not a bad price. It’s better than dropping $150 or more all at once for a GPS unit, plus it maintains all the other cool Android features in your G1!

According to Matthew Miller of ZDNet, there will be $99/1 year and $249/4 year options available as well. There’s a great hands on review over there if you’re interested. We’ve grabbed the video from his post for you guys.

Look for the app to be available directly from TeleNav on February 24th and then later in the Android Market!

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  1. Let’s hope that some competition puts some downward pressure on those prices. If I can get a cheap GPS for $99 these days that lasts more than a year there’s no point in getting this software. Well there are: better integration with online services (updated POI, traffic, …), free map updates (I hope).
    How does the speed compare to a dedicated GPS unit?
    How many MB of precious storage does this need?

  2. That looks so good but cost too much. I am becoming empresses with the nice quality applications coming out for the G1. Probaly be many more when they are able to charge for them. I am still waiting for a good quality Mpeg player to come out before I buy the G1 or next Android phone from Tmobile. Good job showing the program working. Next time jump into a convertable and drive on the freeway showing it working.

  3. From another review I read, it sounds like the maps are downloaded on the fly. Am I the only one that sees a problem with that? So, you can only use the software where there’s 3G/Edge service (read very limited). Might as well just use Google Maps for free. No thanks, I’ll continue to use my Nuvi or wait for a *REAL* solution from Garmin.

  4. I would gladly pay a $90 one time fee, but month to month? I already have a GPS with voice prompting, that has maps BUILT IN, was only $100, and never bills me… COULDN’T THEY PUT MAP DATA ON THE SD CARD?

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