The award winning Wildcard news curating app is now available on Google Play

[dropcaps]I typically stick with what works easiest, and what is most comfortable for me when it comes to news apps. I am more of a traditionalist where I actually go to actual websites like USA Today, CNET, Engadget, Android Central, and the Wall Street Journal for my news. Apps like Feedly, Flipboard, and Google Play Newstand are all news aggregators that make it much more simple to view multiple sources of information in one unified location.
But my main issue with traditional news aggregators is that you need to take time to configure and customize what information you want to read about. If I took a little more time and invested actual effort into those apps, I am sure I would fall in love with them like the many other millions of users.
So I stick with what I know, and continue to go directly to my favorite news sources.
In comes Wildcard. Early access to the app was granted to me, and after I installed it, I found myself going back to it regularly. Why? It’s easy and it delivers curated news, which I confirmed is added by actual human editors and not algorithms. When I want to read about news, it needs to be fast, easy to access, and most importantly, interesting.
Wildcard understands that content matters and we are bombarded with with far too much “click bait” and advertisements. As I look through Wildcard on my phone right now, there are interesting stories to read like “How lottery odds overwhelm our brains”, or “The sorry legacy of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer” and how Joe Biden revealed that President Obama offered him financial help during his son’s crisis.
Of the top 20 stories and topics listed, I counted 18 that I will actually read. I even got distracted a couple of times writing this news piece, because I read a couple of stories on Wildcard.
wildcard 1
Another recent issue of mine is I have been in the middle of switching internet service providers. So I have been using mobile data, which at times can be unreliable. Wildcard has a solution built in where you can save stories to your device to read later, or you can turn on the option to streamline data to make it faster. It really does work and isn’t just another button.
If you’re familiar with Google Now Cards, Wildcard stories look very similar and is a comfortable look. I can see why Wildcard won a Best App of 2015 for Apple and am happy to see it make its way to the Google Play Store. It’s quick, easy to use, and most importantly provides really interesting stories to read about. It now sits on my home screen as an app I use regularly. I expect Wildcard to explode onto the Android scene, so get in early and spread the news.

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