The Case For and Against the G2 Rumor

There’s a pretty big news item getting passed around today regarding an alleged G2 handset coming from T-Mobile in January.  Depending on who you ask, you’ll get arguments for or against the case.  I’d like to shed light on both sides and let you form your own opinions.

Here’s a few rumored specs we’d like to share with you.  These are a few of the differences from the G1 currently available:

  • 5MP camera with auto-focus and flash
  • Video Messaging
  • Front facing VGA camera
  • Enterprise Capable (whatever that means)
  • Stereo Bluetooth

There’s a ton of specs available, but these are the few that stick out which are different from the first device to carry Android.  Some of these might are simple software updates while others require new network capabilities.  T-Mobile doesn’t offer video messaging – they barely offer 3G.  One thing to point out is that there is no mention of the hardware manufacturer.  It’s rather simple to assume that HTC will be behind this, but we know about assumptions.

There’s no mention of a keyboard or input method aside from the touch screen, but that’s not to say that the cupcake release of Android couldn’t take care of it with a soft keyboard.  We knew all along that one of those was coming in early ’09 anyhow.

The specs read like a geek fantasy when you couple that with the upcoming Android features.  Whether or not these are what ends up on the next Android phone from T-Mobile remains to be seen.  Trust us, we’d all love to see it… but none of us are holding our breath.

What is it that has us convinced that there may actually be a true G2 coming sooner than later?  It’s simple; T-Mobile applied for a trademark for G2 on October 30th. This is obviously after the G1 was released.  So why put so much creed in this one little finding?  For starters, we were able to find the official logo to the G1 there weeks before the release.  Second, because it’s considered “live” and not dead.

Don’t be surprised by what happens and shows up on sites out of nowhere.  If history has taught us anything, it’s that anything is possible.  We truly could be around 6 or so weeks away from the next Android handset.  Just because it wasn’t broken on a major news source, doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Don’t forget that T-Mobile owns the domain rights to up through  Let’s not discount the fact that T-Mobile has to know what the general feedback is around the G1 – it’s not as polished, sexy, or sleek as people generally hoped.  Maybe the G2 is being fast-tracked to help keep the interest.  Maybe it’s to beat the next carriers to the punch with their device.

On the Other Hand

Why wouldn’t a G2 be coming in January?  One, it would be coming directly on the heels of the G1.  Does anyone really think T-Mobile would spend all that money and time marketing the G1 so much and then move right on?  Another point to bring up would be to ask why they wouldn’t just wait a few more months and go directly to the new device and call it the G1.  It would be a heck of an impact to debut Android at the same time as video calling, wouldn’t it?

It’s pretty easy to dismiss rumors and toss them aside, never mentioning them again.  It’s also easy to point at things and say “I told you so.”  What is tough, however, is being able to stand up and say you were wrong.  I did that very thing with the G1 back in the summer.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw TmoNews break the September pre-order deal, even writing a piece on how it wouldn’t be so.  A few weeks later, I ate a piece of humble pie.  One thing is for certain – we’ll all be watching this as it develops.  If it ever does.

I’m not necessarily for or against CellPhoneSignal’s leak and I’m certainly not in a position to judge its merit.  As much as I would like to see any new Android handset on the market, I am happy to wait and see what other vendors have in mind.  If this happens as rumored, kudos to those guys for bringing us all a little extra Christmas cheer.

Officially, I believe that there is a G2 coming from T-Mobile before long.  Will it be January?  I doubt it.  Will it be these specs?  I doubt that, but not as much.

You Tell Us

What do you think of the rumor?  Are these the specs of the next Android handset?  Is T-Mobile really going to launch a new Android phone in January?

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  1. Can’t speak for TMO officially, but I know that there has been no training or upcoming device announcements to the PDA tech support dep for a G2 in January – and we *have* already received info on the Shadow 2009.

  2. Even if they don’t offer video calling, couldn’t the front facing camera be used to video chat with someone on another chat application like Skype or iChat AV? Even have it only work when the phone is connected to wi-fi?

  3. At the moment I think the G2 is not going to be appearing in the next few weeks, but a couple of things have made me think again;

    1) The Cupcake update. Could this have been developed as a private branch because it was being written for the G2 hardware?, there are certainly a number a features which would support the G2 featureset (Video Capture being the big one needed for video calls).

    2) There’s an article saying the G2 could just be a modified HTC HD, this would make sens as the G1 and HD probably share a lot of common components (

    3) The G1 hasn’t been a huge consumer success. It’s got techies hooked, but it’s not grabbing consumers, so I’d expect some type of move to appeal to the mass-market. After a month and a half with my G1 I still use my Sony Ericsson c702 as my main ‘phone, and I think that says something.

    So I see it as possible that a G2 would be launched that would be a sexier, more consumer friendly, keyboardless, cupcake powered device, but whether it’ll happen in January, I still see it as unlikley because traditionally Jan is the worst month to launch products in because everyone is still paying off their Xmas debts and aren’t looking to buy new “toys”.


  4. The Boygenius Report is now saying their tipster is saying it was pushed to April for software issues.

    Here’s what their tipster had to say:

    – The product specs on the T-Mobile G2 that CellPhoneSignal ran weren’t actually all that far off, just the date was completely wrong.
    – The device is a full touch device and there is no physical QWERTY keyboard.
    – There is still a trackball at the bottom.
    – The launch was delayed from late February to April due to software issues.
    – We’ve been informed this device will actually launch on another global carrier besides T-Mobile as well, though they didn’t say who, and they said that the G1, G2, G3, etc., names are trademarks of T-Mobile and the other carrier would have a different product name for the device other than G2.
    – There is supposedly (oh, god) a G3 coming not that far after the G2 but our tipster didn’t see the G3.

    Anyway, if the G2 is touchscreen ONLY and the G3 is the “pro” version of the G2 with a keyboard, then I’ll wait for it. Needless to say if neither are hi-res (800X480) then I wouldn’t bother with either…

  5. It will be interesting to see what develops, but there are two problems that I have with this:

    i) With the recent news that the TouchFlo 3D family of mobiles might not be so hot in the graphics department, HTC hardware is losing a lot of appeal for me – the G1, hardwarewise, is closely related to the Touch Diamond.

    ii) Can someone please get the finger out and make sure that other networks can release Android phones? For the first Android phone to be known as the T-Mobile G1 with Google is, for ‘open source’, on the bad side of farce.

    And a third: if I want an Android phone, I want an Android phone, not a Google Phone…

  6. Of Course I would Dump this Cheap Ugly & under Cooked “Wanna Be G1″, Don’t get me Wrong, I love Andriod OS & some of the Free Apps.
    Although I am also Going to Complain every day to T-mobile About Every little Agravating thing I can think of, & that list Aint Short I’ll tell you that!! but I need to Know “Exactly” What we’ll see as distinguising chages though…

    & If If comes Out In January LIKE WE HERE @ T-Mobile have been told by some one who has recently visited (Seattle) Corporate, it would Be here, then I’m going to give Some undeserving Soul in Customer care a hugh head ache Untill I get the New one for the Same Price & I’m NOT resigning a Two year contract..

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