Considering the G1 During an Economic Downturn

The stock market in every region is being taken on a bumpy ride. Companies right sizing (downsizing for us) themselves, cutting costs and the CXOs where X=E,S,F,O etc. breaking their heads to come up with the measures that would make them survive this recession like ambience. In all this mayhem, common man like you and me, must also try and zero in on things that save us our bucks.

If you are looking to buy a laptop it could make a considerable hole in your pocket.  What if you could get a much richer experience and at much lesser price?   All the experiences plus more.   Did I hear you just say the G1?  There you are. The G1 comes loaded with the Android operating system that is developed on the Linux platform.  And guess what, it is totally open source which means you can tweak it, develop your own personalized apps for it and if you are interested you can even allow others to use your app by putting it on the Android Market.  You’d be getting a better user experience than the laptop, given the kind of cool apps on offering for Android.

Thanks to the ADC, the competition has thrown some most exciting apps that no one would have thought about a year ago. Apps like Locale, Scan, Tunewiki, Life 360, Enkin and the list goes on.  These are just a few of the excellent apps that raise the bar for the mobile computing environment. And with WiMAX beckoning us, soon we can find a WiMAX powered G1, courtesy the HTC that recently launched its Quartz in Russia.

The Google apps naturally come free with Android which makes your experience much richer as the access would be much more hassle free than in any other environment. And then you have giants like Amazon coming up with the perks of DRM-free music.  What more do you need?  So, its time to dump your sickling laptop and port yourself to a much richer experience in Android that is in here to transform your mobile world.

If Jeffrey Sharkey’s latest teaser on the iTunes Remote control is anything to go by, soon apps will be developed that will make the Android powered device a universal remote where you can do anything and everything. As the world is sinking into a virtual depression, I don’t see a time which is better than now to see more Android powered devices making their way into the market.

So, its a boon for someone where it is bane. I would not be surprised (or mind) if Google becomes the George Orwell-esque dictator of terms with things like Android. This is one of the products from their stable that is going to mark its place in history. As it blows its trumpet on the scene of the industry that always sees the sun rising (as put by Nokia), it is gearing up with more and more re-engineer the mobile market as a user-driven one rather than the carrier-driven one.

I’m really excited with the prospects the G1 brings to us in this season of turmoil and bailouts. Its time to bailout my old phone and invite G1 in a a rescue package.

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