The Last Shall Be First, and all that Jazz

"Android adoption is about to explode. You have all the necessary conditions.. a critical period." - Eric Schmidt

In my daily inbox, I get tech updates from around the globe. I enjoy seeing the different trends and like to read what people think about the new stuff that is coming out.  This morning when I opened my email I had a message from ZDNet Tech Update Today, with the headline: “Android adoption to explode”, and I was kind of like, “Man, about TIME someone gave Android the love.”

The article went on to talk about the idea that Google’s plan is to be different from Apple in the fact that they want to get their OS in as many hands as possible.  This brought me back to one of my earlier op-eds that talked about the fact that Google won’t be making the hardware for Android.

The reason that I was happy to see this article is that I feel like finally Android is being taken as a serious contender in the smart phone market.  In a culture right now that is being dominated by Apple iPhone ads and snappy commercials, it is good to see that people are realizing that we still have choice when it comes to picking a mobile computing device.

In addition, I was excited because I realized how fast the adoption rate of carriers picking up Android has increased since the G1 was released.  As of today, there are “12 devices in 26 countries with 32 carriers” – – ZDnet.  And there are many more on the way.

We are quickly seeing the fruition of the idea of Android being THE mobile OS that carriers are going to be using to power their devices.  After the lackluster release of the latest Windows Mobile OS, and people seeming to be tired of the exclusivity of the iPhone, it is great to see Android starting to get the attention that I think it deserves.

Android is a platform that is far from perfect, but a platform that is evolving with one of the best companies behind it.  There is money to be made from Android, and as long as that remains the case, we are going to see Google continue to stand behind refining and making it better.

No longer is Android a distant alternative or last in the race in comparison to the iPhone, but is a legitimate contender in the smartphone market that deserves watching, as I think we are going to start seeing more and more amazing things happening with our beloved Android.  Long live the ‘droid!  This IS the droid you are looking for!

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