The massive 18.4″ Samsung Galaxy View tablet arrives Nov. 20 at AT&T

AT&T is first again in getting a new device. Most recently they got the LG Urbane Watch 2nd Edition in before all other carriers, and now they will be offering the massive 18.4″ Samsung Galaxy View. The Samsung Galaxy View is one of the largest tablets you can get your hands on with an 18.4″ 1080p display, LTE connectivity, a built-in kickstand since you’ll be watching a lot of video on it, and large speakers to make your movie watching a complete experience.


The Galaxy View comes with 64GB of built-in memory, and with a battery that offers eight full hours of continuous play. With 64GB(expandable to 128GB) of on-board storage, there is plenty of space to download hours of entertainment as that is exactly what the Galaxy View is designed to be.

In just four days on November 20th, the Samsung Galaxy View will be available to purchase at AT& and in AT&T stores nationwide. Customers have three options when making a purchase:

  • Two-year agreement for $499.99 with a $10 access charge to a Mobile Share Value plan
  • $30 per month for 20 months on the AT&T

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