Do you own one of Samsung’s 2015 flagship phones? Are you itching to get rid of it for a phone that costs about half of the price you paid? Our saviors OnePlus are here to rescue you from those curved edges and styluses.

OnePlus is hosting a contest, and if you’re one of 50 lucky winners, you can trade in your $650+ Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ or Note 5 for the chance to purchase, $389 “flagship killer”. Never mind the fact that you could sell your phone for more than the OnePlus 2 costs new. Never mind that Swappa has 53 listings for OnePlus 2’s for as low as $395, with recent sales going as low as $360.

This, again, is another ridiculous giveaway only there to drum up free press for OnePlus. And yes, I realize the irony that we’re writing about it. The point of this article today is to tell you to not buy a OnePlus 2, even if you are “lucky” enough to get an invite.

“The OnePlus 2 was created by tech lovers, for tech lovers. We keep our devices free from gimmicks and bloatware. We explore what’s fresh and exciting, as opposed to recycling the same technology as incredible breakthroughs time and time again. That’s why we are giving those who may have settled for The Next Big Thing an interesting opportunity.

OnePlus has demonstrated time and time again that they’re unprofessional, arrogant and not very good at what they’re doing. From the disastrous, sexist “Ladies First” contest to blacklisting bloggers because an editorial exposed them as frauds, to being unable to deliver on promised launch dates. OnePlus is bad and they should feel bad.

This doesn’t even take into account that the OnePlus 2 isn’t the “2016 Flagship Killer” that they promise. The lack of NFC has been well documented, and with the rise of convenient mobile payments on the rise, it is actually a big deal. This is the first item on a very long list of why OnePlus missed the mark.

To be honest, I did get an invite and I did buy a OnePlus 2. And I returned it. The phone never made it out of the packaging before I sent it back because I’m uncomfortable giving this company my money and you should be too.

OnePlus states on their giveaway page that they’re going to be giving away the collected phones to HopePhones. If you’d like to support HopePhones, who connect medical technology to those in need I suggest you donate directly to the company instead.

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  1. This is for CHARITY.And the point of CHARITY is to give something to people who needs it.Why would you trade $650+ Samsung for the OP2?there’s many reasons.From easy root & flashing,easy steps to change Boot animation,wanting to taste OxygenOs,maybe somebody thinks that somebody out there needs that phone more than they do,etc.There’s MANY reasons “some” people wants to.Either they are charitable,or just want to try out a new phone.And if you think OnePlus is BAD and ARROGANT,They are HUMANS.They make MISTAKES.They are NOT GOD.And most importantly, THEY ARE NOT PERFECT.And for the love of God,don’t tell people to not buy OP2.It’s their damn life,not yours.I don’t care about how people make choices, but I never tell people how to run their lives. It’s not about the price,it’s about your choice.If you want to trade in,then go for it.If you don’t want to,that is not my business.It’s your choice.

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