The Perfect Mobile OS Deserves the Perfect Phone. This Is It.

android_love_jpgI loved the Palm OS, but the honeymoon faded quickly.  Same story with Windows mobile.  I had high hopes for the gargantuan in Redmond’s foray into the mobile world only to be disappointed.  It wasn’t long before I was looking for something better.  Android is a different story.

We are about to celebrate our one year anniversary together and the thrill is still there just like when I opened the box and first saw that bright “G1” shine at me from the screen.  One could debate the reasons for its strengths and argue about its weaknesses for some time but few will question that what is keeping Android relevant are the amazing developers. 

I’m referring to both those who provide us with these amazing apps as well as those at Google who continue to fine-tune an already amazing OS.  This of course is an opinion piece and I am likely to change mine but for now, I know I have found the perfect mobile OS!  Doesn’t it deserve the perfect phone?  I think so.

It’s almost silly to call what we carry around a ‘phone’ anymore.  Sure, it makes and receives calls but that’s just a function of the device much like 98% of cars receive and play back music radio stations but we don’t call them radios!  No, the perfect phone isn’t a phone but an information hub that provides us with directions, entertainment, information and sure, in a pinch, we can use it for calls.

Cell phones went through an interesting phase in the late 90’s; they got smaller and smaller.  This was hilariously lampooned in Zoolander.  Remember the tiny phone the evil Mugatu held up to his ear?  The ultimate cool dude had the ultimate phone.  Sometime after they shrank to these minuscule devices they did an about face and started growing again.  Why the turnaround?  It came out a desire for more functionality.  Phones now had cameras and screens and the new bells and whistles added girth.

While this was happening, our laptops were getting smaller.  Components got smaller, need for portability grew and before we knew it we had the netbook craze.  Cute little laptops that just about fit in your back pocket.

The Android OS deserves an Information Hub (Info-Hub) worthy of its power.  This Info-Hub will be the perfect combination of the smaller netbooks and larger cell phone.  This is my vision of that “Big Bang” and the device that evolves from it.

The Info-Hub Must Have…

Slide-Out Keyboard

I like the virtual keyboard for quick messages and searches but, the Info-Hub will need a real slide out keyboard.  It’s a must.  This is more than a phone; It’s a source of information.  I need to be able to type out what I need to find or document quickly.

Camera w/ Flash

The Info-Hub must have a camera that transforms the swiss-army knife of information into a camera and camcorder that will work under any lighting conditions.

10 Gigs of storage space minimum

Developers have given us some pretty amazing tools that allow us to put music, pics and videos on their servers giving us access to multiple gigs of space.  The trade off is you have to login and often times wait for access to your stuff.  Additionally, if you are driving and happen to hit a dead-spot, you are out of luck.  Air travel is a lonely proposition as well.  The Info-Hub will make it easy to store just about everything you want in an always-there area.

Superb Speakers

The Info-Hub can’t have those “tinny” sounding speakers that require silence to really hear the sound coming from the device like Info-Hub enthusiasts will demand.  The sound on phones has been getting better and better, its time to go that extra mile on the Info-Hub.

BIG screen

Sure, I can watch a movie on the 3-inch screen I have now but not for long without having to rub my poor sore eyeballs.  The Info-Hub will have to have at least 8 inches of glorious crystal clear screen.  Now, this is clearly going to be the biggest challenge for whoever decides to take on the manufacturing task of building my Info-Hub, but I have some ideas.  I envision a standard touch screen of no less than 4 inches diagonal.  This will be the primary screen that we use the majority of the time, but when we need a little more acreage for our tasks (we want to see a movie, type a novel, etc) we slide-out the extra monitor from behind the Info-Hub.  The monitor extensions will slide out of the right, left and top.  The Info-Hub will sense the screen has been expanded and automatically scale across what is now a large 8 inch monitor!


The Info-hub is for collecting and then sharing information.  The projector will display the screen image a wall or screen making presentations simple and convenient.

Remote Control

This is key.  The Info-Hub must be able to sit on the corner of one room playing my streaming music out of its amazing sound system while I control the music or presentation from the other side.  Of course, additional components, especially removable ones, are fraught with dangers.  What if it’s lost?  Where do I keep it when I’m done with it?  This has all been thought through of course!  The remote control will come with a GPS tracker and alarm that will beep when it’s a certain distance away from the main unit.  That distance is set by you with a default of twenty feet.  When you are done with the remote you simply slide it perfectly into the bottom of the Info-Hub.  A place for everything and everything in its place!


Finally, the Info-Hub will need to be easily propped up in several different positions.  It will need to sit on the dash of your car when you need it to be a GPS.  It will rest on your night stand when you need it to be an alarm clock.  When you are watching a movie you will need it to sit up in a way that the monitors slide out.  The pull out stands that sit in the rear and pull out vertically and horizontally will serve this purpose.

So, that’s it.  The next generation of the “phone”.  Now, its time to see which manufacturer is going to pick up the ball and run with it.  Motorola?  LG? HTC? Google?

Obviously this article was written with tongue firmly implanted in cheek.  But, it is fun to consider the possibilities, right?

Now its your turn.

When you envision the “phone” of the future, what do you see?  What are your must have components?   Let’s build the Info-Hub together!  First thing we probably need is a better name .  Leave a comment with your ideas!

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