About a month ago I published a review on a portable battery that sticks out in my mind as one of my favorite accessories. It is just a portable battery, but the Solove Titan 20000mAh battery is functional, well-built and beautiful at an affordable price. Appreciating high design and craftsmanship is something that is easy to overlook. The Titan is one of the very few products that has earned a perfect five star rating.

In many cases, I simply do not need a large 20000mAh battery, and for that reason I have been using the Titan’s little sibling for the last month. That is Solove’s other beautiful battery called the Roco. Like its bigger sibling, it is beautiful, well-built but is half the size making it much more portable. It’s been in my messenger bag and has been my go to power source when I need extra power. Let’s check it out.

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The Solove Roco is everything the Titan is, just half the size. It comes in a full metal case that is sleek, slim and looks like it belongs in Apple’s lineup next to a Macbook Pro. I can’t argue that the Macbook Pro isn’t one of the best looking laptops available today, and I simply cannot argue that the Solove Roco is not one of the best looking portable batteries to come across my path. The silver version is the same color as Apple products and has the same cold, sturdy and metallic feel.


The portable power bank measures in at a very useful 10000mAh, which enough power to charge my Nexus 6P(3450mAh) almost three full times, or it can charge my Huawei Watch(300mAh) an astounding 33 times. Basically I can go almost two months with my Huawei Watch without connecting it to a wall outlet, or I can go three to five full days on my Nexus 6P on portable power alone.

The Roco comes with an LED digital that shows the power level to the exact percentage. It isn’t necessary to have the exact percentage, as most batteries of this size typically come with a basic four LED indicator set-up, and most people manage quite well on that type of system. But having an exact measurement of remaining power is more suited towards my style, because I really do need to know how long I can go on portable power. The percentage indicator also blinks while charging, showing the battery level increase one percent at a time.


A standard microUSB input exists on the front of to charge the battery, making it convenient if you own an Android device as you can simply use the same charger you use to charge your phone(unless you have USB type-C) to charge the Roco. Two 3.1A output ports are available on the front to power two devices at the same time. The Roco doesn’t have Qualcomm’s Quick Charge built-in like some portable batteries do today, but I don’t find that feature crucial in a portable battery. Although that’s up for debate and I’m sure most would disagree.

Solove thoughtfully includes a microUSB charging cable in the box, as well as a grey felt case that is a nice touch. The felt case fits the battery like a glove and keeps it protected while also looking good. Most portable batteries I have come across do not come with cases, but most also do not look this good. There’s also a pocket on the backside of the case that provides a perfect spot for storing two USB cables and a couple pens or styluses.

Design wise, you won’t find a better looking battery.

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As far as portable batteries go, the Solove Roco serves its purpose quite well. I definitely got the power I expected from it, and being half the weight of its beefy sibling, made the Roco a definite must have for the times I know I will be away from a wall outlet. Being slim, I found that it fit perfectly in the small pockets within the front pocket of my messenger bag which is perfect for staying organized. On the occasions that I didn’t have my bag with me, I simply threw the battery in my back pocket when I needed it. I used to strictly use phones with batteries that could be swapped like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge, but the days of removable batteries seem to be limited. The Nexus 6P, Note 5, Moto X Pure and other flagships do not have batteries that can be swapped, so an external battery is essential in keeping me powered.

The felt case actually fits my secondary phone, the HTC One M8, perfectly and it matches it too in design. It also matches my Black Huawei Watch quite well too. Having two 3.1A output ports is a must for me as I usually have more than one device that might need charging at any given time. This may not be the case for everyone, but having dual ports is fantastic if there is more than one person in your family. Most everyone these days has a smartphone or tablet, and with increased functionality comes an increased need for power. And it really sucks to run out of power.

I really like having products that look good while offering functionality that suits my needs. The competition is stiff among portable batteries so if Solove makes a great looking device, I’m definitely not going to complain. I love it.

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Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 0.5 x 3.2 inches ; 11.4 ounces

Battery Capacity: 10000mAh

Input: 2.1A microUSB

Output: Dual 3.1A USB

Shake-to-Wake power meter: Built-in figure digital LED indicator, easy to know the remaining capacity by a simple shake

Warranty: 18 months

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It often isn’t the case where we dole out perfect ratings, but Solove has knocked it out of the park again. Without straying far from the Solove Titan 20000mAh portable battery, the Roco is the perfect sibling for people who just don’t need an overabundance of power. 10000mAh is more than enough power to charge two cell phones at the same time with remaining power to spare.

With a great looking felt case to protect the Roco, the battery should last a long time with the sturdy all metal build. At $29.99 you may not find a better overall package in a portable power bank. I encourage you to check it out at Amazon.com. If you appreciate products with meticulous design and high quality materials, the Solove Roco is made for you.

If you’re interesting in learning more about the Solove Titan 20000mAh portable power you can check out the review here.


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