The Too-Fast Aging G1

tmobile_g1I like my G1. It is, by far, the best phone I have ever had. I love how it feels in my hand, not too light or too heavy; it fits just right!  I even got used to the keyboard. At first, I didn’t like the lip on the phone as it made getting to the keyboard challenging. But… I adjusted. The pictures, video and voice recording capabilities are good enough for me. It does everything I need it to do and I only recently took off those protective covers on the main screen and camera. My kids aren’t allowed to touch my phone and my “dad sensor” goes off if they are within reach of it! If phones had new-car smell mine would reek of it! My phone rocks!!

I am being told now, much to my dismay, that my trusty companion is obsolete. It’s barely a year old and already scheduled for the trash heap. When did this happen? When did my phone become a wild opposum? (They have a one year life span, look it up!)  This is the first phone I have ever owned that outlived its hype. All my other phones were collecting dust in the “junk drawer” along with some change, pencils, some paper clips and that garage door opener I can never find long before they were publicly called out as “old” or “uncool.” The Android tsunami is coming though and it looks like the G1 is being carried away by the undertow.

The worst part of all this is that I’m with T-Mobile and my Android options are the Cliq and myTouch 3G. Not the worst options in the world but I want the Droid. Not only is my phone suddenly old and uncool, so is my carrier! I am all for technology moving forward but I’m having a hard time keeping up.

The ups and downs of G1 ownership have been wild this week.

  • Down – Reading that the G1 may not get Eclair!
  • Up – Seeing a video showing it DOES support Eclair.
  • Down – Reading another article about Eclair being dog slow on the G1.
  • Up – Learning the the life span of a wild opposum is 1 to 2 years.
  • (Ya, “up’s” have been getting harder to find.)
  • Down – Reading the title “Aging G1” on an article.

I will likely hold on to my G1 for a while. Both because I like it and ’cause I’m cheap. Hopefully we get Eclair. Hopefully something “Droid-ish” comes down the T-Mobile pipe. Hopefully I remain cool and hip even though my phone is “old.” No really, I’m cool and hip!

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