WiMAX is Coming

We’ve been all over the unconfirmed Android news lately and inadvertently, we’ve pushed our other stuff aside.  Longtime AndroidGuys readers will recall that we cover all the major members of the Open Handset Alliance whenever news is relevant.  One of the bigger companies neglected lately is Sprint.  It’s time we show their new WiMax project a little affection.

Planned for later this month, Sprint Nextel will be launching their WiMAX service in Baltimore.  There are some great third parties aligned with the launch, namely Google.  Others include uLocate, Eventful, Topix, Navteq, Accuweather, Openwave Systems, and Autodesk.  With the rise of geo-based services and the shortfalls of WiFi, Wimax is poised to really do well.  Up until now, there has been no network, only theories.  All that should change shortly.

The other cities scheduled to have WiMAX services is Washington D.C. and Chicago.  A recipe of an Android phone mixed with WiMAX sounds great, dont you think ?

Source: Sprint via Bmighty

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  1. “The other cities scheduled to have WiMAX services is Washington D.C. and Chicago. A recipe of an Android phone mixed with WiMAX sounds great, dont you think ?”

    Why, yes, it does, but are there any other plans that we know of to even make a G2? And on that note, will the G2 be better than the G1, G3 better than the G2? I hope it doesn’t work that way…Imagine 6 months from now, ew, you only have the G1? Wow, my G23 is kicking your butt! No litteally, it’s walking over to you right now about to kick you. If you move, it will show fear and anger, and will chase you around the room until it defeats you, then it will use your G1 for a shield

  2. More than 6 months ago there was a rumor of 2 Android phones being released after the HTC Dream. One is a high end Gphone by Samsung, and another is a lower end phone running Android (probably by Motorola).

  3. There’s the link to this story:

    “It’s said that Samsung will have two phones based on Android OS for this year. One high end and a low cost. The first of them might start selling by September and the other one later on, around Christmas. That all right, until this point not really a big news, but a detail, those phones will come branded as GOOGLE instead of Samsung. Surprising. Anyway, the high end should looks like a Blackberry Perl and the low cost will be sold under $100 anytime at Christmas but of course it’s all just rumors that has not been denied “yet”.”

  4. “will the G2 be better than the G1, G3 better than the G2?”

    Well, Android is just the OS so I would imagine you will see it on a variety of devices. Some of them will be high end and some will be more basic. It’s up to the manufacturers to make the phones. Android just provides the OS. It seems that the first Android based device is a Sidekick-style hiptop but there hasn’t really been much word on any other forthcoming devices.

    As far as WiMax, I’m psyched because I already live in Baltimore and Sprint is by far the best provider in this region. As long as it isn’t too pricey, I would love to try out WiMax. It just depends on how much it costs and how much faster it is than the already-fast EVDO Rev. A.

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