ThinkFree Unveils First Complete Office Productivity Suite for Android-based Mobile Devices

company_thinkfree_logoEnables Mobile Users to Create, View, Edit and Collaborate on Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations While On-The-Go

Santa Clara, Calif. (May 29, 2009) – ThinkFree, Inc., a leader in next-generation office productivity solutions, today announced ThinkFree Mobile for Android, the first complete office productivity suite offering for Android-based mobile devices. A demo can be seen at the upcoming COMPUTEX trade show taking place June 2-6 in Taipei, Taiwan where ThinkFree will be showing its mobile office product line-up with ARM.

Android is a software platform for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. ThinkFree Mobile for Android brings several firsts to the platform. With ThinkFree, users can create, view and edit not only Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, but also PowerPoint presentations – a feature that has not been available before with any other solution. The new software also features support for drawing objects – another first on the Android platform. ThinkFree furthermore offers the best roundtrip Microsoft Office compatibility of any alternate office suite on any platform and comes with 1GB of free, reliable and secure online document storage.

thinkfree“ThinkFree Mobile for Android is bringing a new level of choice to smartphones by offering a mobile office solution that satisfies the growing demand for mobility and 24/7 access to your documents,” said Kerry McGuire, Director of Software Alliances, ARM. “ThinkFree has brought an innovative approach to the mobile office suite that enables a consistent office experience across both smartphones and netbooks. We are pleased to have their continued support as part of the ARM community.”

ThinkFree Mobile for Android consists of ThinkFree Write for word processing, ThinkFree Calc for spreadsheets and ThinkFree Show for presentations. It features seamless integration with ThinkFree Online, ThinkFree’s already existing online service for collaboration and synchronization across all documents. A file manager enables easy access to documents stored on expansion cards through a built-in file browser. With the commercial launch of Android for netbooks, ThinkFree plans to roll out an optimized version of its software.

“With ThinkFree Mobile for Android, we manifest our leadership position in the online office suite and Web collaboration space,” said Su Jin Kim, CEO of ThinkFree, “After the success of our ThinkFree Mobile Netbook Edition, we are thrilled to have partnered with ARM for the Android platform.”