Ah, the Nexus 6. She’s a beaut ain’t she?


The Nexus 6 even today has a large following, and I think that’s interesting. If we rewind back to the end of 2014 (and yes, I do think it’s funny that I’m reminiscing about a 2014 phone), we see a peculiar Nexus launch.

This was the most controversial launch for a Google device, and probably will continue to be. The unveiling of the Motorola-manufactured (blown up Moto X) Nexus was immediately followed by the internet’s equivalent of pitchforks.

Cries of “How could Google do this!?” and utter disbelief took over the Android community. Some in denial, others in a sea of confusion, scrounged for some answers to a question that shouldn’t be.

Google tried to justify its decision, saying that its Android followers should be open-minded. But the damage was too great. Or was it?

I was part of the minority that embraced Nexus ginormica, and was ready to order it on launch day. I remember going into my office that day and jitterly letting out “It’s Nexus day!”. Yes, I got a bunch of weird looks, but I didn’t care.

Then as the Play Store order page went live, my excitement immediately turned into sheer desperation. The Nexus 6 was sold out before I could even reach the order button. WTF.

I sat there refreshing the page for a long while and then eventually gave up…in defeat and disbelief. All that complaining that people didn’t want it, and it sold out in a fraction of a second.

The White model became widely known as a unicorn, because it was even harder to get
The White model became widely known as the Unicorn, because it was even harder to get.

And the same thing happened for weeks (I ended up snagging one from the Motorola site right as its flood gates opened). Well, so much for all the haters, right?

Later on an article was released, saying that the Nexus 6 was a flop. “Excuse me!?” was my reaction. There was a huge discrepancy and misdirection with the Nexus 6, and as far as I’m concerned, it was a treasured device for the books.

“But wait” you’re probably saying, “Your title implies that you dumped it after mere months.” Yes, that’s true. But I’m a new-phone addict. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t reminisce over the greats that I’ve owned. Although short-lived, the Nexus 6 was one of them. And if Jump! On Demand hadn’t come along and enforced my addiction, I’m convinced that I would still be on the Nexus 6.

In the words of my buddy, one of the biggest Android and Nexus 6 fans I know:

[blockquote author=”Miguel Calderon, huge Nexus 6 fan”]A few reasons why I’m one of the biggest Nexus 6 fans is because of the prominent screen, front facing speakers and thin bezels. If you consumed as much media as I do, you will agree that the large screen is the perfect size. Its wireless charging capabilities and the ability to receive monthly updates with stock Android is another big plus. I believe this phone will be a good solid phone for the next 2-3 more years (and that’s saying a lot about a phone that was released in 2014).[/blockquote]

You see, the Nexus 6 has everything you’d want from a phone (well, except that blasted fingerprint scanner, which it was supposed to have!). And even after all the phone pleasures I’ve had since then (S6 Edge, Note5, V10), when I touched stock Android again, I was taken aback. Gawd I miss it and the sweet Material Design.

No, it wasn’t perfect. The phone’s girth always made me feel like I was gonna fumble it. The outdoor visibility was below average. And the 13MP shooter was hit or miss.

But I can’t help but think of it as a jewel. And currently at $249, it is a crazy deal. If unsure about the size, just suck up the largeness and enjoy that big sexy screen. Google was right all along.

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  1. No. The Moto XT1225, the 5.2″ version of the Moto Nexus 6 is the perfect phone — what Google should have released as the gen6 Nexus. Same specs (99%) but in a great size.

    • Hey CHAZ if that is ur real name, some of us r guys with peni larger than one inch and therefore our larger hands want a 5.5-6.5 inch phone, sorry it still ain’t 2009 or if be in luck

  2. After the 6 I had a Galaxy S6, now a 6P but yes, I STILL miss the Nexus 6. It really was something special.

  3. Still think the original Nexus 5 is halnds down the best, just wish the camera, battery life, sound and speed was matched with the Nexus 6.

    • Mmm, do you want to read what you just wrote again, you made a point, N5 best pH ever! Then decimated it , listing shortcomings, Camera, battery sound and speed, the very things improved on the N6, and therefore it has become a pro statement for N6.
      I think possibly its a size issue, though after trying several I believe a well optimized 5.5 is the optimal size ( for me) and so possibly staying with N5 base but correction ng the listed shortcomings, enter the N5x, tho some lamented its not premium specs, there had to be a fair difference between it, the N5x and the N6 and N6 p.
      I am really tempted to pickmup the N5x, except I have got used to both 3 gb and now 4 GB ram phones for the last 2 years, I am a little hesitant. Otherwise it is an excellent spec!d phone for the price and would warm the cockles of any N5 enthusiasts.

      • No its not a size issue. The size of the screen is one of the best parts of the Nexus 6. The screen itself sucks though. Even with the very high definition, I can still just look at it and tell its Pentile. The Nexus 5 has a better looking IPS display.

        The rear curvature of the Nexus 6 is terrible, and even after purchasing one that doesn’t have the defect of the back popping out, mine still seems to be protruding.

        The wireless charging is a hassle. The power and volume buttons are placed terribly.

        All around the Nexus 6 is not as good as the Nexus 5. The only problem with the Nexus 5 is that it is out of date. That’s the point I was trying to make.

        Other than that, the Nexus 5 was amazing. And the black material felt so much nicer than this slippery Nexus 6 back.

    • Original Nexus 5 hands down the best. That might have been the case until the 6P sauntered onto the scene.

      • Still don’t like that it only has one size option, too much bezel (basically same size as the N6, though smaller screen) and the top is thicker than the rest. Would rather a nice simple design like the Nexus 5 or iPhone 6.

  4. Completely agree… Bought a 6p… Used it a day and went back to N6. Missed the screen. Wanted to use the latest and greatest so bad. N6 until I see another phone that can keep these bezels at this large of screen.

    • Same here but mine was three days, once u go six inches u can’t go back to tiny 5.7, I guess we dudes finally know what all those whores have been saying for years haha

  5. Have mine on Project Fi, costs me about $35/month. Nothing out there is getting me even mildly interested to switch.

  6. I bought it two days ago on Amazon and it’s supposed to be delivered today, can’t wait!

    I was thinking of either the Moto X Pure, Nexus 5X. But then I found out that Amazon made a discount on the Nexus 6 (for 245$) so I went ahead and bought it with no second thoughts! It has a blazing fast processor, 3GB RAM and an awesome 6 inch screen that I would appreciate on my 3-hours two-way daily commute to work! (I do a lot of MOOCs too so that’d be much easier than my current 4 inch phone)…

  7. Got this phone new for xmas off Amazon for 249.00. Updated out of the box to 6.0.1. Im on t mobile. This phone has 700 mhz Band 12 support and HD voice and voice over LTE. Got rid of my T mob ZTE Z max on Kit kat (no upgrades ever ha ha!). That was an ugly utilitarian phone with a very OLD OS. But I will say one that that Zmax would kick any phones tail on batt life. 3400 mAh. But it was time to go. 6P still looks over priced (metal back made from recycled alum cans? who cares?) and there is no way in hell I way going to a screen smaller than ZTE 5.7 in. (once you go big you never go back) Hard to tell screen size diff with Nexus 6 vs ZTE. Either way I agree the nexus 6 is a great phone. Camera really nice now with 6.0.1 upgrade. Battery could have been 3400 but 3200 works ok. Looking forward to Android 7 on this puppy. And I really wish bloggers would stop complaining about its size. You cant tell the difference in your hand with other 5.7+ screens out there when you hold it. If you want a little baby phone so you can one hand it then fine. Stop badmouthing this phone for those of us that would like 7.0 inch screens!

  8. Wow that’s so wierd, I can upgrade for free to the v10 and it does look nice, but I just can’t give up that 6 inch screen, the wireless charging built in , two front speakers, monthly updates, this is the first time ever that after one year I couldn’t wait to upgrade on and I take in in shower everyday to listen to music so its also waterproof at least to me as I don’t spend a great deal of time at the bottom of Mariana trench

  9. The most amazing thing about the N6 is it’s screen. Sure holding it is not as comfortable as holding the N5, but it displays really really beautiful pictures and videos. I have the unicorn, by the way.

    I think I might get the new 6p when there’s a discount.

  10. I have been using my new Nexus 6P for over a month now and it is the very best phone I have had. However, while getting used to its size, I still miss my NEXUS 5, a legend of a phone. Perhaps, I should not have sold it.

  11. I bought a Nexus 6. I used it daily for 2-3 months. But in the end it was too….. Heavy. I could handle the dimensions of the thing… Just…. But in the end the sheer weight of it wore me down. I bought an S6 Edge. But the Edge feature meant the phone could see my fingers when it shouldn’t and some actions were difficult. Hmmm. So I bought a regular S6. Better. But I still have the Nexus 6. I still use it for one of my phone numbers.

    But yesterday I found out the Nexus 6 just doesn’t fit into the Google Cardboard VR viewer. The power button is pressed and the screen goes dark.

    Right there I think I worked out why Google backed away from the Nexus 6 and its huge screen.

    Me, too.

    • Send me yours nexus 6! It is a great phone! Too bad it didn’t fit for you, but the Samsung’s for me are very weird and somewhat fragile

  12. After the buzz and the price went down to the $250.00-$300.00 I bought 3 more Nexus 6 for my daughter’s. I don’t know if they like it as much as I do but they are happy with them. I now own a Nexus 6P but still sometime think on the Nexus 6 and feel like use my kids Nexus just to feel it in my hands one more time.

  13. I would have it as a replacement for my old hero nexus 4, but here in Brazil they didn’t sold it, and the importation taxes are screamingly high, so I stay with the n4 untill it changes… Sad

  14. I am not a phone junky but after all the bloatware eating space on my Samsung Galaxy, I was thrilled to get my Nexus 6 around Christmas for the incredible price of 229 and I am so in love with this phone that I won’t even look at another until this is completely obsolete. I am faithfully in love.

  15. 6″ phones are too big. I just bought a Nexus 6 when it went on sale on Amazon for $300. I can’t one hand the phone at all.

    I’ve asked some of my friends and coworkers that own 6″ and 5.7″ phones how they use them with one hand. Some claim they can, even though none were able to demonstrate how they could press the top left hamburger menu when holding the phone in their right hand, others said you just have to use two hands.

    Using two hands is a step back in usability.

    Not to mention it feels like I have my 7″ Kindle tablet in my pocket all of the time and it doesn’t fit into my jeans pockets.

    I’m going to give it another week or two, maybe I’ll get used to never quickly responding to a text message with one hand, then it’s back to Amazon.

  16. I absolutely LOVE my Nexus 6, it’s my very first Nexus and it certainly will not be my last. I have fallen in love with the 6 inches of awesome that is the Nexus 6! I am saving up now for the 6P, but as I too have a phone addiction, I currently have a Note5, V10, and my favorite, (minus the SPen) the wonderful Nexus 6.

  17. Nexus 6 is still the best phone based on overall value. Someone claimed they didn’t like it’s pentile screen. That’s a laugh, at this resolution its irrelevant. The Nexus 6P is too small at 5.7 inch it would feel like a crappy downgrade as 6 inch is now as small as I want the screen size now that I’ve used it for a year. Google better launch another 6 inch Nexus this year as I want to upgrade to a Nexus but won’t if they’re smaller than 6 inch.

  18. I’m glad I’m not the only one. N6 was from my first Nexus phone. I don’t know. I’ve just loved the phone since day one. Im switching carriers and have to trade my N6 in and have an option to get the V10 or N6. I just can’t imagine living without my N6. I don’t root or rom I just love the phone. After reading the replies here I think I’m still set on the N6 thank you.

  19. Loaded N developer preview on my Nexus 6. Makes the phone a battery beast as doze works when the screen is off, doesn’t matter if you’re moving with it in your pocket or whatever. I’ve loved this phone since I got it a year ago, with N it’s like a brand new better Nexus 6!! All I had before this was Galaxy devices and HTC EVO 3D was mine and the wife’s first smartphones. I’m looking forward to HTC Nexus, but the Motorola Nexus 6 has by far been and still is my favorite of all. Hell, I might buy another just to have one whenever this one conks out, but this one(Verizon carrier branded 32 GB) is still going strong.

  20. One of the greatest cell phones ever. It’ll still be a competitive option for high-end mid to flagship types of phones in 2017. Only real issues with it is lack of finger print scanner and ir blaster. Expandable storage, camera and battery life (that’s good, but not great) are things most people can get over.

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