Thrutu Updates Android App so you can get Paid! (among other things)

Have you ever had someone on the phone that owed you money say, “I’ll pay you back next time I see you.”, only to have them avoid you in person?  I think we all have, but now there is a solution for Android users to get their money back and much more with the latest update to the Thrutu app.

To refresh your memory, Thrutu allows you to interact with a person you have on your Android powered phone in more ways than just voice, such as sharing locations and even interacting with live sketches. Today Thrutu has announced that they have added 11 more button features, including a paypal button which allows you to send and receive funds right there on a call, deadbeat debtors beware! Here are the features from the press release:

The 11 new buttons now available are:

  • PayPal – Send money over a phone call, instantly and securely. For example, when you call someone with a friendly reminder to pay you back, they can immediately transfer the funds into your account.
  • Meet Me – Quickly find the best place to meet in person.  Meet Me suggests venues, like cafes or movie theaters, that are located halfway between the two callers. On Thrutu, you can instantly discuss your options and agree upon the destination.
  • Shared Search ­– Search and browse the web together. Either caller enters a word, and both can see and click on the results.
  • Doodle – Share sketches in real-time.  Doodle is also integrated with sharing locations and photos in Thrutu, so users can add a personal touch, such as an arrow on a map or a heart or smiley face to a shared photo.
  • Coin Flip – Make decisions or settle arguments with the toss of a coin.
  • Mood Ring – A cute way to let the other caller know how you’re feeling – without having to use words.
  • 15 Together and Tic Tac Toe – Play classic games across the Thrutu platform, all while continuing conversations, encouraging competitive banter.
  • My Flickr™ and My Twitter™ – View pictures or read tweets together, with instant, shared access to Flickr and Twitter streams.
  • Wish You Were Here? – Share your local weather forecast. Whether on a tropical vacation or snowed in at home, callers can gloat (or complain) about their current weather while on the phone.


Not a bad lineup of features offered. Even better, Thrutu is offering a limited beta sign up for developers to get involved in designing buttons for Thrutu using their API’s. I am looking forward to seeing what the dev community can come up with for us to use.

You can download Thrutu using our handy dandy download block below!


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