Consider this more of a courtesy reminder, but T-Mobile is now selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  The 7-inch Android 2.2  tablet runs $399 with a two-year service agreement, $599 if you chose to buy it outright.  Should you opt to go with a contract, you’ll be able to enjoy a 5GB data plan at $39.99 per month or the 200MB plan at $24.99 per month.

If you have been living under a rock for the last few months, then you likely don’t know about the Tab’s 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 3-megapixel camera, front-facing camera, and support for Wi-Fi 802.11n or Bluetooth 3.0. Well, now ya do.

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  1. Why would I buy a tablet that cost more than what it’s suppose to do? I’ll wait for this at eBay, where I’m sure there will be a lot of supply.

  2. The Ipad has a better user experience and is cheaper, but it is not open. Android peeps expect better improvements with new software updates.

  3. The T-Mobile Galaxy Tab has the 16gb onboard memory that we were promised. The Verizon and Sprint versions have only 2gb with a bundled 16gb sdhc card.

  4. i prefer the iPad… It just seems like the “copies” is good when they arrive, but with the next release of iPads they are behind again… lots of competions this days to win one as well, if you dont have one… Have you noticed the new campaign from the it security company sophos… easy to win if you like to share things… :)

  5. Does anyone know of a FAQs page for the Galaxy Tab. Im considering buying one from T-mobile with the minimum data package. Mainly I want to know if If I am at home can I use my own DSL WIFI like the IPOD touch and not use up my data plan from T-mobile. Also if I am sitting in a McDonalds can I use their free WI-FI and not use up my data plan, etc?

    I read this on the T-mobile website, it says in Fine print:
    Roaming charges may apply to use via non-T-Mobile-owned Wi-Fi networks.
    What does that mean? Is that just for the WI-FI networks I may use that arent free like on an airplane or something like that. That line is throwing me off from buying it.

    Are most people waiting until they offer the Tab for sale without having to buy a data package? 24.99 doesnt seem that expensive when they knock off 200$ for the device. You can pay full price at t-mobile and buy those web connect pass cards right?

    I need more information and I cant find it on the net. Someone help me please.

  6. Just don’t buy anything from best buy. Least not Muskogee Ok. And certainly DO NOT sign a contract. Cheaper not to in long run. I wish Net 10 would come out with a tablet. Net10 Rocks Oklahoma!! W the prepaid monthly plan and better coverage than any other cellular company. Seriously! So of all tablet cellular companies, whom has best customer service?

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