TnP (Track and Protect) is up for Best Mobile App

Dutch company, Klomptek, has been one of five companies nominated for the Softwareload Software of the Year 2010 award in the Best Mobile Tools category.  On Klomptek’s website, they describe their product as:

Track and Protect is a remote management tool and security application that allows users to monitor, lock and wipe data from a lost or stolen cell phone.  In addition to being able to secure content on the device through remote commands sent via the TnP web service, users are able to track the location of the missing phone in real time through the TnP online mapping system and take photographs from the device of its present surroundings, with the ability to listen in and capture images of the phone’s current possessor.  TnP allows users to collect enough information — including current location, new phone number, operator ID and facial photographs — to generate a substantive police report.  All features are operable even after illegal SIM change.

TnP sports a slew of features, the main ones are:

–    Auto configuration of personal web account during client setup
–    Full remote security control of personal phone via the web account
–  Keeps remote control even after illegal SIM change!
–    Advanced Lock settings with 6-digit passcode
–    Status control on phone client
–    Owner info display with address and reward notification
–    Call to owner when locked: to home, work, or friend
–    Extra secure passcode at phone start with user ID
–    Change passcode with synchronization
–    Uninstall protection for all Apps, including Track and Protect
–    Install protection for new Apps with passcode
–    Auto lock at SIM change
–    SIM change: permanent or temporarily
–    Auto report of illegal phone number via SMS to friend
–    Report of thief phone number and Operator ID to server
–    Very accurate location displayed on a Map with date/time history
–    Remote phone tracking by using Cell-ID, A-GPS and GPS activation
–    Remote camera control (front and main camera)
–    Camera control widgets with history
–    Remote Backup & Restore (depending on phone model)
–    Remote Call back. Activate call to any number remotely via web account
–    Remote profile switching
–    Remote wipe, including memory card.
–    Send to friend (email, sms)
–    No battery drain. Uses standard sms listener functionality!
–    True Professional Service now available for consumers
–    Global coverage!
–    Integrated support and FAQ on user account page.
–    Multilingual client & server
–    Command log for support
–    Location reports on map: Google maps, OVI maps, Open Street map and others.
–    More features upon request

Check it out, and let us know if you think it deserves the award!

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