Java is one of the most popular programming languages, the possibilities of which are almost not limited. Different ratings measure the popularity of programming languages in different ways.

For example, one of the most influential TIOBE rating puts Java in the first place. In any case, the popularity of a particular programming language is primarily related to the applicability of business. That’s why Java is almost always among the leaders (almost all serious business applications are programmed on it). This also contributed to the stable need to hire Java developers.

Let’s find out what are the benefits of this technology, what apps are created with its help and how much does it cost to involve a developer to your project.

Why Java Is Leading

One of the main advantages of the Java language is its independence from the platform on which the programs run. Thus, the same code can be run under the operating systems Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Apple Mac, etc. This becomes very important when programs are downloaded via the global Internet and used on various platforms.

Another, no less important advantage of Java, is the great similarity with the C ++ programming language. Therefore, those programmers who are familiar with the syntax of C and C ++ will simply master Java.

In addition, Java is a fully object-oriented language, even more so than C ++. All entities in the Java language are objects, with the exception of a few basic types.

The List of Apps Created with Java

Let’s consider the most popular ones.

  • Kotlin: This application is specially designed for Java developers to test their skills.
  • K-9 Mail: This is an advanced solution for those who use e-mail 24/7.
  • AmazeFileManager: The application allows storing, synchronizing and moving personal data in the most convenient way for the user.
  • Omni-Notes:This solution makes it possible to create notes and is applicable both in business and in personal life.
  • Phonograph application: It is a tool for listening to music.
  • Pixel-dungeon: This is one of the proofs of the almost universal nature of the technology. Despite the fact that Java is positioned as a tool for business applications, this game is an interesting way to use it.
  • Telegram for Android: Probably, it makes no sense to say something else about one of the most famous instant messengers.
  • Qksms: This is an advanced solution for exchanging SMS messages.
  • VLC media player: The application allows the user to listen to music and watch the video at a good speed.
  • MovieGuide: This is a kind of collection of movies and videos that can be viewed in the application in real time.
  • Bitcoin Wallet Android: This is quite an innovative solution that allows you to manage your cryptocurrency from any Android device.
  • SeeWeather: This is a utility for Android, which allows accessing the weather conditions anywhere in the world for a few seconds.

How Java Developer Salary Differs From Country to Country

We decided to select different countries according to their standard of living and the level of economic development in order to see what is the difference. Below you can find the results.

  • USA – $6,000
  • UK – $5,800
  • Germany – $5000
  • UAE – $3,100
  • Ukraine – $1800

As it can be expected,  Java developers salaries are the highest in the USA. This indicator is not much different from the average wage in the UK and in Germany. The UAE is characterized by an average figure in our top. In its turn, Ukraine can be considered as a country with one of the most reasonable Java developer salary.

On a Concluding Note
Thus, Java is a rather effective tool for developing business applications. However, the possessing of this technology is also highly paid so when hiring the programmers to your project it is necessary to come out from the reasonable ratio of price and quality.

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