We’ve seen many applications launched in July and have picked 5 of those for you. You won’t find games on this list though, we’ve already compiled a list of top new games for July a few days ago. Let’s get started (in no particular order)…


Commandr is basically an addition to Google Now, it boosts the service significantly and will make it more productive if you use it right. Commands work offline, though you’ll have to type instead of speak in order to use it offline. List of commands is quite huge, if you want to check out a full list please visit the Google Play app page by following the link below, we’ll link only a few of the available commands to give you an idea what you can do with this app (note that you can add your own custom commands through Tasker, if you use it of course):

  • Music commands (pause, resume, previous song, next song)
  • Turn on/off Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS…
  • Raise/lower volume
  • Read unread mail
  • Play Google Play Music playlist
  • …and so much more

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Galaxy Photo Screen Lock

Samsung is known for its software, unfortunately they tend to push it too far sometims and end up with bloatware. That aside though, they are capable of producing rather capable applications and Galaxy Photo Screen Lock is one of them… actually it will be, once they get rid of all those bugs, the app is full of them. If you forget about those or overlook them, you end up with a nice lockscreen app which allows you to control it to some extent. You’re able to set your own photos that will be changed every time you end up on your lockscreen, there’s a preview of weather and battery right from the lockscreen as well as missed calls and unread messages. The app can be really useful, unfortunately it is not available to everyone. It has been tested on Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 devices and for the rest you’ll just have to download and try it for yourself. Be warned though, it’s full of bugs and it’s on this list more for what it could be rather than what it is right now.

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galaxy photo screen lock

Better Open With

This app is extremely useful. It allows you to set the default application for certain file types so that you never have to choose between “always” and “only once” ever again. I can see how it can be extremely useful for vast majority of people. You can ever set a countdown timer in order to open the default app after the time is up and until then it will give you a list of apps you choose yourself. The app actually has many more options inside, so if this sounds appealing to you, do give it a spin.

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better open with


Bolt is yet another Snapchat/Slingshot look-a-like and it actually functions similarly, with some caveats of course. The app is actually extremely easy to use and I can see how it could appeal to many people. This app is brought to you by the makers of Instagram. They’re trying to emphasize four main features:

  • Sending a photo with 1 tap on the screen, which takes and sends a photo
  • Hold for taking a video and then let go when you’re done in order to send it
  • Replying with text, photos or videos
  • Swiping away photos in order to delete them, or as they say “swipe photos away and they’re gone”, we assume gone forever as in we-don’t-store-them

In order to sign up you’ll have to enter your mobile phone number and the app is still not available worldwide, so keep that in mind. For more info visit the app’s link below.

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Speakle is a rather interesting app. For all of you who don’t like to enter your personal info on social networks, this is the app for you. It’s basically a private social network, no info needed. You don’t have a limit when posting and you can’t add people or anything of the sort because everyone are anonymous. If you get a sudden urge to rant about something and you don’t want anyone to know who you are, this is definitely the place for you.

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