TouchType Drops SwiftKey X Beta into Android Market

TouchType is releasing a new keyboard app into the Android Market today with their SwiftKey X Beta (expected any time). If you’ve ever played with any previous beta releases of SwiftKey’s keyboard then this one will feel very familiar. I’ve had a chance to play with a few titles from TouchType and really dig the way I can personalize it, having it learn from my email, Facebook, and twitter accounts. The phrase prediction is crazy; I can blast through sentences without having to type full words, sometimes in less than 10 letters total.

TouchType does a terrific job of listening to users and collecting feedback. In fact, many of the features you see in today’s release come as a result of listening to the users. Should you see something that acts buggy or find room for improvement, be sure to let them know!

There are plenty of alternative keyboards in the android Market and I suggest downloading one or two to see what fits you best. Having said that, SwiftKey X Beta should be one of the first you look at.

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