Google maps have been integrated so heavily into the way we travel that it’s hard to imagine how one was able to take road trips before Turn-by-Turn directions. There was an abundance of paper maps for cities, counties, and states prior to GPS, but have you ever tried to read one without knowing your exact location? It’s more difficult than having to re-fold the map that you just spent the last 30 minutes trying to decipher your location on. On September 29th, Google announced how it was going to make your traveling experience better yet again by allowing you to interact with your GPS using your voice.

Google Maps Smartdrive

Googles newest addition to Google Maps will now allow you to navigate with only your voice. Once enabled, all you need to say is “Ok Google” followed by what you would like maps to do. One example would be “Ok Google, find gas stations.” In addition to giving Maps directions, Maps will now let you adjust your route using only your voice. You can tell Maps to “Avoid Tolls”, “Enable Highways”, and “Exit Navigation.” Along with Google’s announcement, Google included its list of ways to interact with Maps.

This update to Maps is not just about changing how we interact and input directions to our device. The ability to tell maps what you want it to do will allow more drivers to drive completely hands free creating a safer commute for everyone.


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