Growing up, my dad had a turntable and speakers that my sister and I were not allowed to touch. They were revered. And dad only used them once every so often. When he was done, things were wiped clean and put away properly.

Today I’ll occasionally refer to my own high-end earbuds or headphones as “dad” products. These are the items that I put back in their box when done and I really only use them when I want to enjoy music. These definitely don’t go outside for mowing the grass.

Pretty much any other day of the year I find myself reaching for much less expensive earbuds and headphones. I don’t want to grab a $150+ pair to listen to podcasts while mowing; I’m cool with something a fraction of that. I’m willing to concede a few features just so long as the earbuds work.

There are plenty of options to choose from in the ever-popular $50 price range with new brands and models popping up all the time. The Ugreen HiTune T3 are one of the more recent products to arrive with a budget-minded price tag. Priced around $40 (or less), the HiTune T3 deliver a fairly decent smattering of features.

I’ve had a pair of these on hand for the past few weeks, using them for regular duties and listening. I’ve found them to be a really compelling option not just for their price, but even another $20-$30 higher.

If you’re looking for a pair of utility earbuds that are comfortable, plenty loud, and have a decent battery, the Ugreen HiTune T3 are worth adding to your list of options.

Available in two colors (black and white), the earbuds are IPX5 rated against water so they’ll be alright in light splashes and rains and a tiny bit of sweat. These are a decent option for working out, running, and bumming about.

Battery is more generous than expected at seven hours per charge, and the carrying case adds in at least a dozen more hours. Charging is quick (via USB Type-C) with an hour of listening available after just 10 minutes of being plugged in.

I found the HiTune T3 to be comfortable out of the box; there are additional ear tip sizes included should you need a larger or smaller fit. They generally feel well made, especially when considering the price.

Sound is good, not great. I think they get plenty loud, and the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) does a decent job of blocking out external noise. That’s fine when I’m mowing the grass or doing dishes and don’t need to get too deeply into music. Podcasts and audiobooks are my go-to for those sort of activities and the HiTune T3 fare well there.

Turning specifically to music, the earbuds seem to be a bit heavy on the bottom. Bass sometimes overpowers the full soundscape and they tend to feel like I’ve turned on a “bass boost” button. My son, 18, doesn’t see anything wrong though, and was surprised at how “great” they sound.

I would have appreciated a mobile app with equalizer settings, but I understand that the juice is probably not worth the squeeze for uGreen.

Parting Thoughts

All in all, I’ve been moderately pleased with what I’ve seen from Ugreen and the HiTune T3 are no exception. I won’t go screaming from the rooftops about them but I’m more than happy to recommend the brand and this model for those shopping with a budget.

If you’re concerned about taking a chance with a lesser known brand, know that these earbuds are backed by a two-year warranty.

Learn more about the HiTune T3 and other uGreen products at the manufacturer’s website where you can purchase them for about $33 as of today.

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