There’s no such thing as having too many charging options. At least to me. Somehow, some way, or at some time, my cables tend to grow legs and walk away. Even worse is when a charger disappears.

If I come across a new charger, portable charger or power brick, I’m considering it for my personal collection. The tech behind them gets better with each generation and things get faster and more efficient.

Ugreen, a brand we’ve profiled a number of times, has a couple of charging solutions that recently crossed my path. And as it turns out, both have found themselves into outlets in my home and office. I love ’em and I think you will, too.

Nexode 45W Mini Charger

First up is the Ugreen Nexode 45W Mini Charger, a brand new product to the company lineup. Priced just $39, it’s a pint-sized charger with a pair of USB Type-C outlets.

This is exactly the sort of charger that I look for when travelling as it can power my phone and a Chromebook at the same time. Or, overnight I’ll plug in a portable charger so that I can have that with me when I’m out and about.

At 45W, that’s really fast and powerful stuff. In fact, depending on what I’m charging, it may be more than enough. Thanks to the Gallium Nitride (GaN) tech, chargers like these are not just fast but they’re efficient, intelligent, and they stay cool, too.

The unit is roughly the same size as the charger that comes with your smartphone but it’s more versatile. And the prongs fold in so it can be tossed in a bag without fear of snagging or poking a hole.

Nexode 100W Charger

Need even more charging capability? You’ll definitely be interested in the Nexode 100W Charger. Not only does it dial up the number of ports, it increases the output, too.

Here, you’ll get four (three USB Type-C and one USB Type-A) ports to work with. All are rated with at least Quick Charge 3 and the Type-C have PD3.0 tech which means you’ll have all the juice you need for phones, tablets, earbuds, and other tech. Not bad at all for $80, is it?

Have a new flagship handset with incredibly fast charging support? We bet you didn’t get a charger that’s equipped to output that 45W or 65W that’s touted in ad copy. The Nexode 100W can push either of those and have plenty leftover for other devices.

Use either of the top two ports and you’ll get 100W of charging for your 2-in-1 device or laptop. Taking advantage of all four at the same time? Look for 45W and 30W output with Power Delivery (PD) for the top two and 5V 2.1A for the other two. In other words, the upper half is designed with Chromebooks and larger items while the others are for pretty much everything else.

Worried about knowing which port is the right one to use? Fear not, the charger will automatically detect what’s being plugged in and adapt itself based on the device.

Occasionally you’ll find 4-port chargers will eat up both outlets on a wall. While that is convenient if you’re only concerned with charging peripherals and tech, it may take away an outlet that would otherwise be used for a lamp or clock. That’s not the case here as the Nexode 100W leaves room for something else to plug into the wall.


I’m a big fan of affordable tech that makes my life easier. Both of the Ugreen options tick that box. For overnight stays and day-to-day usage the 45W Mini Charger is a terrific option. Travelling with others or need to keep a bagful of gear charged up? Opt for the 100W unit.

Head to Ugreen’s website to learn more about the brand and to check out additional fast chargers and products. Alternatively, you can purchase many of its devices at Amazon, too.

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