Sit back in your chair, clear your mind, and imagine this. A new governor has been elected in your state and imposed a new draconian law that makes you fear for the safety of you and your loved ones. Your only option to make sure you’re safe is to leave. You pack up your kids and your partner and just start driving and land in a city you’ve never been to before while using all of your resources just to get out. You’re alone, you’re scared but at least you’re safe and you can connect with your loved ones through your cell phone.

Now imagine all of that, but substitute your new state for a new country halfway across the world and get rid of the cell phone because your SIM card doesn’t work here in the States. How scared do you think you’d be? How would you get the money to start up a new plan so you could communicate with the outside world while still trying to feed yourself and your family?

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These hard questions are ones that almost all political refugees face. Giving up everything you’ve ever known to move thousands of miles away with almost nothing is one of the scariest and hardest things you can do. Ultra Mobile, the MVNO founded in 2011 to service the foreign-born community, wants to help and is teaming up with Ads-Up to provide 1,000 refugees with service so they can resettle just that little bit quicker, integrate just a little bit easier.

Ultra Mobile’s offer is open to political refugees and will provide unlimited nationwide talk and text, unlimited calling to more than 90 countries around the world, and over 200 Call Anywhere credits to over 200 destinations. There’s also unlimited LTE data included which is extremely important because many times, phones are the only way refugees can access the internet. This allows refugees to contact home to let their families and friends know their okay, search for safe housing, and work and learn their new surroundings. It helps them to start rebuilding their lives.

Most do not have home internet, so their phone is their only access to education, medical information, as well as to an online community that can provide a much needed sense of belonging. Until they have found stable employment, it is very difficult for refugees to afford the ongoing expense of mobile service, yet without it they lose connection to support, potential employers and resources. Our partnership with Ultra Mobile functions as an investment into their future

-Fleur Wood, Ads-Up Co founder

Ads-Up is a volunteer organization that is working to help resettle over 1,000 political refugees from the US-Australia refugee agreement. The organization is working with men, women, and over 150 children to restart their lives in peace and safety. As part of this new agreement, Ultra Mobile will be a sponsor for Ads-Up’s fundraising Gala on April 25 in New York City, designed to thank donors and rally support for new funds.

If you’d like to learn more or know someone in need, head over to Ultra Mobile’s website for more information. You can also find out more information about Ads-up on its website and if you’re interested in going to the gala, click here.

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