Ever find yourself in a situation where you encounter something truly breathtaking and want to capture it in a photo? Of course you have. What about scenarios where you are having an incredible time with friends and something funny happen that you want to preserve in a digital file. Just all of the time, right?

As quick as we can be to break out our phones to snap a photo, sometimes things are just so fleeting that we cannot keep up. What to do? Get quicker on the draw? Maybe. Keep your camera app up and running at all times? Nope.

Perhaps the most frustrating camera problem that we’re seeing is trying to get everyone in a selfie. Moreover, how do you take a group shot without your arm showing and taking up a decent amount of space? UMi understands your pain points, so that’s why it has baked in some hands-free features in its upcoming UMi Z handset.

umi_z_cameraFor starters, the UMi Z comes with Smile Detection. As you might suspect, it will automatically snap a picture when it detects a smile in the frame. No need to press a button; the shutter triggers by itself.

Additionally, the handset include Gesture Detection, too. All you have to do is simply make a peace sign or two finger ‘V’ symbol with your fingers. The camera detects the gesture and begins counting down from three. That’s it!


The best part is that the touch-less gesture works on both the front and the back cameras for the forthcoming phone. So, feel free to put the handset down somewhere you can get a nice wide angle and throw up a victory symbol with your fingers. Just remember to put your hand down before the timer ends.

There are only a few days left to get the UMi Z at its pre-sale price of $219.99. After January 21, the cost goes up by $60 where it will be sold at $279.99 across various channels. Click here to learn more about the phone and/or to place an order for yourself!


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