In a move characteristic of the Uncarrier, T-Mobile is shaking up the mobile industry again. John Legere took to Instagram for a surprise Uncarrier 12 announcement where the carrier said it will do away with tiered data, but there are some catches.

The new plan will be called T-Mobile ONE and the first line will run $70 for unlimited calling, texting, and data. The second line comes in at $50 and each additional line (up to 8) comes in at $20. For a family of four, it’ll average out to $40 per line before taxes, fees, and the cost of a phone. The prices are assuming you’re enrolled into T-Mobile’s auto-pay plan but if you’re not, expect to pay an addition $5 per line. Tablets are also eligible for the new T-Mobile ONE plan at $20 per line.

The biggest bummer about the plan is for those of us that use our phones to tether. Tethering will be limited to only 2G speeds. Also, with the new plan, you will be able to stream video unlimited at standard definition (480p) resolution, but if you want to stream in HD, that will be an extra $25 a month. With the rise of 1080p and Quad-HD displays on phones these days, that presents a conundrum for customers.

T-Mobile is quick to point out that you cannot get a Verizon unlimited data plan as it does not offer it, but if you were to sign up for its highest data bucket, you’d spend over $4000 more a year.


On the T-Mobile ONE plan you get unlimited data, but if you go over 26GB per month you run the risk of being deprioritized behind other users. That can slow speeds dramatically under certain circumstances.

T-Mobile ONE will roll out September 6 for post-paid customers and will roll out later this year for pre-paid customers. Are you going to switch over to the new unlimited plan? Will it save your family money or cost more? Let us know down in the comments what you think about the big move from T-Mobile

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