Even folks who are not tech-savy may have heard about phone unlocking in some form or another. This is especially likely if you’ve questioned using your phone on an international trip. A locked phone isn’t a complicated concept; it is merely a result of carrier exclusivity. The U.S. carriers often tune phones for their own network’s specs, and part of that process is not allowing that phone to go any other carrier (hence the term “locked”).


But a locked phone can be unlocked and regain the freedom that it’s born with. It’s software-based. However, that may be a painful process to go through. Carriers don’t like when you leave them, so there may be hoops to jump through to get the phone-locking software disabled.

Fortunately, there is another way than pestering the carrier about it. DoctorSIM is a service created to git ‘r done as painlessly as possible. Let’s run through the process and see how easy it can be.

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Easy as 1… 2… 3

DoctorSIM says that there’s three simple steps in its service to you to phone freedom.


Essentially, you give them your phone information and they do the background work to obtaining the unlock code. Getting that unlock code is the key. Once you have it, you simply type it into your phone and voila.

To start, tell doctorSIM the make of your phone, the country, and the carrier. It’s important to know that not every combination of phone make and carrier is gonna be a go. Particularly, CDMA carriers (Verizon and Sprint) don’t play the game well. I don’t even see that doctorSIM can do Sprint phone unlocking (I always get a “We are sorry, service not available at this time” message when I try).


However, because Verizon does phones with “Global” GSM access these days, the service can be available for it. When you do get a suitable match, you’ll be presented with service options.


What’s the difference?

I was initially confused as to why there’s tiers to the service. Isn’t it you either unlock or don’t? Well, because the level of difficulty in obtaining the unlock code is situational, doctorSIM offers Standard and Premium services. Standard looks for the code locally and Premium looks for it on a worldwide scale (doctorSIM is a global company). It is very well possible that the local database can fail to turn up the code, so choosing the Premium service would give you higher success rate.

Generously, if you go with the Standard service and fail, doctorSIM will fully refund you. So it’s nice that you have nothing to lose. The Premium Express service is as implied, it searches for the unlock code worldwide and promises to get it to you much more quickly (if you’re in a hurry).

Once you decide on a service, you just have to tell doctorSIM what your phone’s IMEI is (your phone’s unique identifier number).


This is what doctorSIM needs to track down your specific phone’s unlock code. From here, submit your payment and doctorSIM will take it from there. You’ll be emailed the unlock code when it is retrieved.

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Go Get It!

If you’re interested in freeing your phone to use on a different carrier, but don’t want to deal with the annoying process, you should check doctorSIM out (hit up the link below). Most of us like to keep using our device when we travel, so give unlocking a thought if utilizing an international carrier sounds really beneficial.

Source: doctorSIM

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  1. I saw your section about DoctorSim not being able to unlock Sprint phones, I had them unlock my Sprint iPhone 6s and it’s working great!!

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