Urban Armor Gear is arguably the case maker for all devices. They claim to make quality, military grade cases for most of the popular devices, along with equally good screen protectors. I recently purchased one for my iPad Air 2 and was totally blown away by what it had to offer.

I also have the LG G4, and inevitably grew curious at what else UAG had up on offer. While the LG G5 has already been out for some time, I nevertheless thought it a good idea to test out what all the UAG hype is all about. So, here is our LG G4 Urban Armor Gear Case and tempered screen protector review.


A big thanks to UAG for sending out these review samples.

In the Box

For the case, the box is relatively simple. There’s a small paper slip thrown in with basic step-by-step application instructions. There is, as a nice benefit, a screen protector that comes with the case. It’s a plastic film that will give you some protection against scratches. It’s something that’s not advertised as part of the package, but it is not something I’d use for a long term period either.


The presentation is very nice and gives the impression of a premium product without actually applying the product or taking it out of its packaging.

The screen protector, on the other hand, comes with quite a bit more thrown in the box.


Wrapped firmly in solid cardboard, it is nicely secured and should be protected against any shipping damage. With it is the application instructions, a dust remover, two microfiber wipes and a repositioning film.

All very good on the outside, but how well do they stack up when you use them?


The LG G4 UAG case is downright excellent. It fits perfectly down to the micrometer and feels extremely solid and well defined. All the curves are accounted for and it snaps on without hassle.

Take the cutouts, for example. The case contours seamlessly to the outline shape of the camera and flash, while also providing a big enough charging hole and even a headphone cutout designed for odd shaped connections.


The design makes for a case that is a pleasure to hold. It has grips on the sides for more firm handling, aided by the rubber bands running along the extreme top and bottom of it. Even the back design is aesthetically pleasing, although I’m not sure why UAG always goes with this particular signature patterned back.


Not only does it look startlingly great, it fulfills its main function and provides a whole ton of protection. It is rated MIL STD 810G 516.6 for military drop protection which means that your device should be just fine if you happen to drop it.

In case you’re wondering, GCN.com defines the 516.6 test as the following:

This is probably the method that is cited the most by manufacturers and agencies alike. Part of this test method is sometimes referred to as the “drop” test, and it gauges how well a device holds up to impacts while falling from certain heights. The tests are designed to determine how well a device can put up with general physical abuse while in operation, but not from factors such as nearby explosions (these are covered in separate methods).

I dropped my G4 several times with the case on (I like to live dangerously) and it turned out just fine.

It’s all the small things that UAG takes notice of. For example, with my previous case, the flash would glare and be redirected through the side of the case, reducing the intensity of it. I was delighted to see that UAG had already addressed this and had advertised it on the box as “Glare-free flash” before I even opened the box.

In short, the case feels great, works great, looks great but on the whole is amazing. It will set you back $34.95, which is quite pricey. But hey, you pay for quality, right?

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

There is probably just as many things to say about the screen protector as compared to the case.


First off, I love what was thrown in with the protector. It gives you everything you need for a proper and tidy installation. The instructions are nothing new:

  1. Clean the screen
  2. Apply protector
  3. Push out bubbles

I (obviously) started off by using the included microfiber cloth to clean the G4 screen. I’m rather accustomed to applying screen protectors to tablets, so doing it on a small screen was much easier.

File_002 (1)-min

Once I had that done, I peeled back the film covering the sticky bit on the protector before proceeding to lay it down. The application was not as smooth as I wanted it to be: there are virtually no reference points to use to balance the tempered glass so that it lines up perfectly. It’s not exactly hard though, I however had to remove the protector several times until I got it seamlessly lined up with everything. It can be removed if needed, albeit with some caution.

Unfortunately there are no pictures from the application due the concentration required – I’m sure you can relate.

File_001 (1)-min

Once it was on, there were no bubbles or dust particles left underneath it (but that may just be my perfection skills).

The protector is strong, bends with the phone curve and is certainly an outstanding option.

There is a tiny problem, however. The UAG logo slapped on the top corner covers the front LED light by a wee bit. It’s not a big problem, but it’s something that I feel UAG could improve upon. After all, not may people want to see another logo on their front screen, right?

File_000 (1)-min
The LED gets partially blocked out by the UAG logo

Lastly, the biggest problem is perhaps the one that will prevent you from buying it: the price. At $39.95, I really begin to wonder how much engineering went into this thing that makes it more expensive than the case itself. Sure it’s a great case, but is a price like this really justifiable?

Keep in mind that the case comes with a free plastic screen protector.


If you’re looking for something to protect your LG G4, UAG is the place you want to go to. All of their offerings are premium, quality products that will bid you and your device well into its senior years. Granted that you can afford the price, you should not take a second look at getting these great products. I can say with almost complete certainty that this applies for the entire Urban Armor Gear range.

You can purchase this LG G4 case and tempered glass screen protector from UAG’s official website, along with related accessories.

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