US carriers continue scaling retail experience

Service providers are taking steps to keep Americans safer

Several of the largest wireless service providers have taken steps to help keep US customers safer, including temporary closure of retail stores.

AT&T further tightened things up, opting to keep one location open in each 20-mile radius in urban and suburban areas. For rural areas, AT&T widens the radius to 30 miles. Learn more at AT&T’s website.

Previously: AT&T plans to close around 40% of its company owned retail stores around the country. What’s more, those that do remain open will have limited business hours and operate using safety measures.

Verizon recently indicated that it will reduce the number of Verizon stores which are open, but did not lay out hard numbers or locations. As for the stores which will remain in operation, they’ll have limited working hours. They’ll be closed on Sunday and only open to public from 11AM-4PM on other days.

T-Mobile, for its part, says it is closing down approximately 80% of its stores, leaving just one in five open to help service customers.

Sprint is closing down roughly 71% of its retail stores across the country, leaving open its most vital locations. Among the closures are stores located in Walgreen’s malls, and all stores in Puerto Rico. Even then, the stores that will stay open are going to see reduced hours of operation.

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