US Cellular revises its Unlimited offering with cheaper rates

The base price drops for the rate plans but a few features are removed, too

US Cellular on Monday introduced a new approach to its Unlimited rate plan. Starting out at $50 for one line, they are about ten bucks cheaper per month, on average.

While this might sound ideal on the surface, it’s not just about slashing your bill. Indeed, some of the features that were previously included in the basic plan have been relegated to a $10 per month add-on option.

Under the previous plan, the $10 per month add-on gave customers access to HD video streaming. Now it also includes mobile hotspot (now limited to 15GB), full LTE speeds during times of network congestion, and a $10 per month credit when customers use less than 3GB of data in a month.

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As was the case with the previous configuration, the new US Cellular unlimited plan gets progressively cheaper when adding more lines. Whereas the old plan started at $65 for one line, the new one is just $50 per month.

Depending on how many lines you have on your plan you could be looking at as low as $30 per line, per month. Contrast that with the previous rate of $40 each for a four-line plan and it becomes a rather good deal, especially for those who care little about data streaming quality or mobile hotspot.

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