Use this LG V10 “DAC Fix” workaround to enable Hi-Fi through any music app

If you’re a V10 user and love that LG baked in Hi-Fi audio output, it’s likely that you’re bothered by the fact that the dedicated Hi-Fi DAC (digital-to-analog converter) only activates for select music apps. We knew that LG’s stock music app was one of those, and we were glad to find out in our V10 review that that TIDAL is supported, but there are plenty of other excluded services (Spotify, Play Music, Pandora, etc.).


When the Hi-Fi DAC setting is toggled, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s working. The user has to listen for the switch (turning the setting off and on during audio playback) to really know. LG screwed this up in my opinion.

Fortunately, there are folks out there that don’t take this kind of thing sitting down. An XDA user, Phascinate, has figured out a surprisingly simple way to enable the Hi-Fi setting in the V10 across the board. The best part is that the phone doesn’t need to be rooted. The workaround was therefore put into an app, called “DAC Fix for LG V10”.

v10_dac_fix_1  v10_dac_fix_2

The functionality is simplistic. You just have toggles to turn the feature on, have it start up automatically on boot, and notify you on its status. Oh, and the developer was kind enough to explain how it works.

[blockquote author=”XDA user, Phascinate”]The concept is actually quite simple! Immediately when music starts playing, it plays some completely (and I mean completely! We don’t want any background noise, do we?) silent media which tricks the phone into turning the DAC on.[/blockquote]

You might have suspicions (I definitely did), because it sounds a little too good to be true. However, after giving the app a good run through, I can contend for you guys that it works as advertised (and it’s free!). I tried it on both Play Music and YouTube. When I turn on/off the V10’s DAC setting, I can hear it switch. And, of course, the audio sounds richer.

Hit up the Play Store app link below. Happy Hi-Fi listening!

Source: DAC Fix for LG V10 app | DAC Fix XDA thread

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