VentureBeat Guys Get Android Running On Asus EEEPC

Android is ringing in the new year in style.  A few of the guys who run VentureBeat also spend time with a startup called Mobile-Facts and are into some pretty cool stuff. How cool?  Well, let’s just say they took our favorite platform and got it running on an Asus EEEPC 1000H netbook. That cool.

VentureBeat says that an Android-based netbook could be done is as little as 3 months, but that it may be closer to a year before we see market conditions favor large scale netbook adoption.  The most exciting part about this is that this hack was done in about 4 hours.  Asus is one of the companies who just recently joined the Open Handset Alliance. Is it a reach to think that they may be already working on a line of Android netbooks?

Take a quick look at some other names in the Open Handset Alliance – Intel, Wind River, and Toshiba.  All three could put out an Android Mobile Internet Device (MID) or netbook-esque device with 4G capabilities  and run them on the new Clear network with blazing fast speeds.  Boy, this sure could get fun!

VentureBeat has since posted a follow-up FAQ.

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