Verizon & Google Discussing Mobile Search Deal

It appears Mobile AdSense has some form of mystic powers that will slowly turn an enemy of Google into a possible ally over time. Verizon Wireless, one of the prominent rivals of Google, are in talks with the big G to have Google search light up the screens of happy Verizon customers. Could their be a revenue sharing deal with that mobile advertising that’s expected to be so big these next few years?

People close to the deal are yapping that the talks are in the early stages at the moment and that both companies are in talks on how much information Google can retain of Verizon customers. It doesn’t end there unfortunately, this new relationship seem to be tighter than first thought, according to the New York Times, The two companies have also discussed a broader partnership that could range from joining forces on public policy issues to featuring content from Google on other Verizon services, including Internet access and FiOS TV.

That’s all good, but what about Android? Where does it fall between this new found love of Verizon and Google? Maybe a shocking announcement is not too far off eh? We know about the Any App, Any Device stuff from Verizon so Android handsets should be all over their network. However, last we knew, Verizon was backing LiMo Foundation and not the Open Handset Alliance. We’ll find out soon enough.

Now, lets play the guessing game! Who else will fall to the might of AdSense? Is Google’s stuff that appealing or what?

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