Verizon isn’t usually known for being very generous with their data but lately they have been doling it out like it’s month-old Halloween candy. Today they announced that customers who activate a new line or upgrade their phone on an XL or XXL data package between now and January 6th will get 2GB of free data per month for life.

Additionally, this applies to every line on the account, so if you have 4 lines on the XL or XXL data packages (14GB and 20GB, respectively) each of them are eligible for this promotion (up to 10 lines per account) and you and your family could add 8GB to your plan for life. When wireless companies say “for life” anymore I have a lot of questions – Sprint didn’t really live up to that mantra and everyone has been doing their best to push their customers off of their unlimited data plans in every way that they can think of.

In the press release it says, “To receive the bonus data for life, customers must remain on the XL or XXL Verizon Plan and the line must remain active on a phone.” My first concern was what happens when the XL and XXL plans are no longer offered as options? Wireless companies switch around their data offerings every few years it seems and I was concerned that customers would be pushed off of the promo when the XL and XXL plans go away inevitably.  Verizon responded by reaffirming, “In the future, the customer would keep the bonus data when performing an upgrade as long as they don’t change plans.  To receive the bonus data for life, customers must remain on a qualifying plan.”

“As for the device, it needs to be a smartphone or basic phone only” (not sure what other options there are), but more importantly,”The promotion is eligible for VZW approved BYOD. Customers can activate their own devices when the devices are approved VZW CDMA devices,”  so you can bring your Nexus 5X, 6P, or Moto X Pure to the network and qualify for this promotion.  This also means that you don’t need to bind yourself to an Edge plan if you prefer not to –  “You can upgrade or activate using device payment or full retail but you need to be on the XL or XXL size Verizon plans.”

So we don’t get to say it often, but Good Guy Verizon is here today. If you were thinking about upgrading your phone or bringing your unlocked phone to Verizon maybe now is the time!

Source: Verizon Wireless

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