We just received official word from a Samsung rep that Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Tab is slated to launch next month.  Due on November 11th, the Android 2.2 tablet will run $599 off contract.  It should be noted that we’re looking through the press release and cannot find anything about contract pricing.  Perhaps VZW will roll that out at a later date.  The Tab comes with a host of Verizon apps preloaded titles including V CAST Music, V CAST Song ID, VZ Navigator, Slacker Radio, Kindle for Android, BLOCKBUSTER On Demand, and the exclusive golf game, Let’s Golf.  It says that the Galaxy Tab will also feature the Verizon V CAST Apps storefront, with access to hundreds of applications but we’re not sure if that is any different that what one finds on say, a Droid Incredible.

Verizon customers can purchase a cool 1GB of data at $20 per month.  If you need more data beyond that, well, your guess is as good as ours.  For more high resolution images of the Verizon version of the Galaxy Tab, head to Samsung’s gallery.

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  1. It is different the Droid Incredible doesn’t come with the VCast AppStore. or Blockbuster on demant. or Slacker, or Kindle, or Vcast music, or V cast song id. It was acutally pretty lite on any Verizon branded apps to begin with. It just came with Backup and CityID

  2. This is always exciting news (and this tablet in general isn’t news anymore, but this article’s info is), but I have to express my overall disappointment with Android tablets, and this is one of those times I actually agree with Steve Jobs.

    The iPad was released in the spring, giving roughly 6 months since its announcement for a substantial android answer to come out for it.

    The Problem: Hardware. The iPad IS superior to this in hardware. The only exception (which is HUGE IMO) is the lack of a camera. Tablets deserve at LEAST a front-facing camera.

    -Processing power lacks on all android devices (especially the fragmented no-name models).
    -Screen size sucks. I’m all about having a small, convenient product, but my 2003 Portable DVD player has a 7″ screen. I’d like to see a 8-10″ screen, and I think most users agree.

    I’m going to chalk these shortcomings out to the idea that Gingerbread will be more conducive to giving users the right features for an android tablet, and these companies just wanted to get their feet wet and nibble on some market share while the barriers to entry are still low (relative to how they will be in about a month when iPad+Verizon gets a decent hold).

    When iPad 2 comes out next spring (and it will), I hope Samsung and other Android-Device makers catch up. The Galaxy Tab could have been amazing (it still kinda is), but it just falls a little short.

    • Since it is a samsung 1ghz processor in it. It roughly the same one that in the Ipad. It also has a gpu. Hardware wise besides screensize and camera. It matches the Ipad

    • I know it’s just your opinion, but you are totally wrong :)

      The tab has much better hardware… better graphics chip, more ram, cameras… and I think we’ll really need hands on time with a 7 inch tablet to determine if it works… based on the number of 7 inchers coming out, I think it will work very well. Obviously tech companies seem to think it fits. I think 7 vs. 10 will be picked based on different uses.

      Android needs to get off its ass and start using gpu acceleration for all of it’s ui. That’s what makes it feel slower than it really is.

  3. At $599 plus a Verizon account, this is way over priced. Do not want to tied back to a carrier. Just give me good old Wifi and 10″ screen and I’m a happy camper.

  4. @john
    there will be no contract. you will, however, be able to sign up for a 1Gig $20 pp on a month to month…..considering its only about $100 more than a retail priced droid X, its a great price…just not the sub $200 prices we have been seeing which is why the “HUH” sticker shock i think.

  5. Would someone explain to me why I would buy this rather than an iPad. I have Galaxy S and I love it but this is much smaller and more expensive than the Wifi iPad. Sorry but I just don’t get it. I would prefer anything Android but it has to be competitive.

  6. Nice try but not nice enough, $20 a gig is a joke and why buy this when i can buy an ipad? Not that i ever would but that is what the consumer is saying.

    But I suppose it’s good to know who the suckers are.

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