Verizon Takes iPhone Directly on with “Droid Does” Campaign [VIDEO]

droiddoesThis is the ad campaign we’ve all been waiting for. Verizon has decided to step up to the plate and show Sprint and T-Mobile how to generate serious interest in Android. And what’s the trick?  TELL PEOPLE WHAT IT DOES.  Start there.

Beginning this evening, Verizon Wireless is running a commercial that points out all the shortcomings of the iPhone with quotes like “iDon’t Have a Real Keyboard” and “iDon’t Run Simultaneous Apps”.  Finally, a platform that can do more, paired with a carrier ready to spend more.

The ad has a definite “Apple” feel to it with the pop/folk song and simple black on white font.  One thing is certain – Verizon is not afraid to take on AT&T or Apple.  Their previous “There’s a Map for That” commercial show just how much larger their data network is compared to 2nd place AT&T.

The website has a countdown running with numbers replaced by unique carriers.  A little bit of math and Encyclopedia Brown work reveal a timer that expires on October 30.  The commercial simply mentions “November”.  Why conflicting date?  Perhaps the countdown reveals an interactive demo site or pre-order ability.  We’ll see in a few weeks!

For now, head to the site and register for information and try to contain yourself.  If you’re curious as to what happens when you sign up, you get an email like the one below!


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