Video Boost by Opera: A no-brainer for heavy video watchers


How often is it you watch videos on internet? Well, I like to waste my time watching life hacks particularly on YouTube and that too on a spree basis. Apart from me, everyone casually watches videos be it on YouTube, a movie or maybe their favourite TV show. Most of you enjoy the content on your High Definition TVs without a single hiccup because of that 1Gbps Google Fiber lying around in your house.

But most of us are stuck on a stone-age 1Mbps connections or even less which can’t stream Media without buffering. For those people, watching videos are a real pain. They even give up before opening any video. Or the case may be other way round. You have a high-speed but metered connection and can’t afford to waste data on videos which are really demanding when it comes to bandwidth.

If you watch videos on a Mobile device, then I think there is a particular solution which can help you get away from this problem. Opera unveils a new feature called Video Boost debuted in Opera Mini 9. Now, you will see less of the dreaded video-buffering wheel and avoid wasting time and creating frustration.

Video stalls are one of the most annoying things internet has given birth to along with all the other good things. Opera addressed this issue with their new Opera Mini 9 browser.

“This is the first time video optimization has been integrated into a web browser, so your browser can now take pride of place as your favorite video app,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software. “Video snags are a small problem, but an annoying one — a pothole on the internet highway. And Opera fixed it.”

Video Boost actually reduces the size of video data which not only brings down the buffering time but also save users on their data bills. This has to be done sooner or later. Of all videos played in United States, 40.8% experienced stalling across 2G, 3G and LTE networks and up to 73.3% of videos played in India. In all, 49.6% or more consumers in each market said there were always some buffering problem.*

Video Boost is available when you turn ON Video Optimization in Opera Turbo mode. You can find it under the “O” menu, simply tap the savings summary to change mode. It also shows you a history of videos optimized. Mini 9 features some extra options to edit Speed Dial website shortcuts, a whole-new data-savings gauge and obviously, support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

With this, I can safely say you too can now waste your time watching life hacks like me without any stall. Definitely worth it.

*You can read extended report on these statistics gained by Opera Software research with Open Signal and On Device research.

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