Video Review of the HTC EVO View 4G [Video}

So many toys, so little time! The next review we have up in the EVO line of devices is the newly released HTC EVO View 4G, also known as the HTC Flyer. I got some hands on time to play with the device, and recorded my findings in a video review for you after the break. Check it out and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

The Good

  • Portability.  The seven inch screen and light weight make it ideal to be put into a pants pocket or inner coat compartment for easy carrying.
  • Sense 3.0 is really snazzy and adds quite a bit to the overall look and feel of the tablet.
  • Battery life is pretty good for an EVO branded unit!
  • Netflix support right out of the box, the first Android powered tablet to have that.
  • Snappy processor and storage space make it a great media player.
  • Connected media lets you stream content to the tablet from your home network.
  • Stylus for taking notes is pretty handy, but see below.
  • 4G speeds are awesome in the Boston area.
  • Google Apps, especially Maps are awesome.
The Bad
  • To be expected, 4G is a battery murderer.
  • Stylus is pretty useless for anything but taking notes.  It feels gimmicky, and until some devs realy take to the api’s to create interactivity with the stylus, it is a dead accessory like R.O.B. the robot from the original NES.  I mean, you can’t even use the stylus to input text when using the on screen keyboard, meaning you cannot tap out letters with the device.
  • No Google Talk based video chat, still have to rely on Qik to get it done.
  • No Honeycomb, this is not HTC’s fault as of course Google has not released Honeycomb source as of yet, but this device could shine brighter with it.
  • Ultra sensitive movement sensors sometimes mistake a small movement and switches screen orientation when that is not desired.  This was overcome by simply adapting my movements a bit.
The Bottom Line
I am a little torn when it comes to this device.  Being an owner of a Samsung 10.1 Tab, I thought that I had the ultimate in Android tablet computing, until I started playing with the View.  The one thing the View has which the Tab does not is portability.  The View is simply much easier to take with you on the go, and really shines when using it as a GPS or other communication device as you travel.
 I think the market for the View is best placed in the realm of business.  I can see a sales rep or other executive who has to travel frequently using this device as an all purpose digital assistant.  I can even see the stylus, which I am bitterly disappointed in, being useful for light note taking or marking up documents in some way.
The price for the unit is $399 on contract, which is a good price for a unit of this caliber.  It is what the first Galaxy Tab should have come out of the gate at.
If you are looking for a smaller tablet that you can take with you, that will connect to mobile data without tethering and don’t mind having to pony up for a contract device, then the View is for you.  If you don’t fall into one of those categories, look at the Tab 10.1 for your needs.
Check out my video review below to get the full scoop!
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