Visa Developing Application for Android

How would you like an application that notifies you of local Visa ATM’s and places to redeem your Visa rewards?  Well, that’s one step closer to reality thanks to who else… Visa.

The first set of services that Visa is planning to develop for Android will allow Chase Visa cardholders to receive notifications to their mobile devices about transaction activity on their accounts; obtain offers from a wide array of merchants; and use the built-in location-based technology developed by Google to quickly map nearby merchants where they can redeem Visa offers and locate ATMs that accept Visa. – Press release

The service will start out with Chase customers first and then spread to other banks from there.  Visa is also working on an application feature that allows for members to use their mobile devices to make payments in retail locations nationwide or over wireless networks.

Now if we could just get Americans to do a better job of budgeting their money.  A program like this could act as an enabler for people who can’t control spending.  On the other hand, it does make it that much easier to maintin your account.

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  1. Neat. I suspect this is just the first of many big marue companies to write for Android. I am sure the impulse has always been there, but past mobile app efforts were met with all those awful restrictions, a bazillion versions to independently develop and travk and I won’t mention carrier evilness.

    Apple better freakin pay attention and open their platform up. Ryan Blovk wrote an excellent post about it called “save us from Apple’s groundbreaking, developer-shackling App Store”

  2. “…use their mobile devices to make payments in retail locations nationwide” this would be cool and I’m all for a secure way for it to happen.

    As for finding ATM locations, making product recommendations, and showing me where stores that accept visa are… I would never download this app. It seems like all its going to do is advertise to me all day long, and I definitely don’t want that!

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