Vlingo Update Adds The Action Bar!

If you aren’t already using Vlingo, one of the best third party speech to text systems and the Android Market, they are about to give you even more reasons to grab it right now. Vlingo has wowed us in the past with the recent addition of Car Mode, where you are able to wake the phone and send a text without touching the phone at all. This morning, Vlingo rolled out a press release with all new features, continuing it’s push to be the best by partnering with existing content delivery systems!

Vlingo can already be used to replace your keyboard, using it’s great speech recognition software. They include a “Car Mode” in their service to allow users to use many aspects of their phones without ever taking their eyes off the road, including waking the phone up to give it a command. Vlingo offers the ability to search, call, sms, and post to Facebook or Twitter from your phone completely and truly hands free. You’d think that would be enough for one app, right? The team at Vlingo obviously don’t agree.

Starting today, thanks to deep integration with KAYAK, Open Table, and Fandango, Vlingo will be rolling out the Action Bar. This widget will allow users to, using only their voice, interact with these services from the Action Bar. Movie times, Hotels, Restaurants, all without touching the keyboard. Simply grab the update from the market, set the new and improved action bar widget on your homescreen and you are done! Here’a quick video on how this in action!