Want a Free G1? Head for the UK

T-Mobile UK announced today that its subscribers could get a FREE G1 as soon as October 30th, 2008.


If you have the Combi or Flext price plans and pay as little as £40 ($70) a month then the G1 can be yours FREE.

Alas, the UK does NOT have have the brown or bronze color option as only black and white are available for them.

I postulated that you should become British to get a free G1 but perhaps you can simply visit and sign up for the plan to get the free phone and then cancel or if that cancellation rate is too expensive then I am sure some Brits will get the free G1 with the plan, keep their old phone, and then sell the G1 on eBay.

This begs to question, are 1.5 million Americans suckers for paying $175 plus surcharges to get the G1 a week ahead of the UK who would get it for free?

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  1. Does T-Mobile UK use the same (non-standard) 3G frequencies as T-Mobile US? If not, a free G1 from the UK won’t do me much good.

    And doesn’t matter anyway, since I already pre-ordered and am busy wishing I had a tracking number for UPS!

  2. The UK phone is the same as the U.S. phone. The G1 supports T-Mobile USA’s 3G network as well as 3G on the 2100MHz band used in most of the rest of the world.

    Either way, there’s no chance somebody could simply sign up for the contract, take the free phone, and then kill the contract without paying anything. That’s pure fantasy.

  3. WHOA! 40 British pounds is like 68 US dollars. Considering the following, we ARE suckers:

    * Combi: get the T-Mobile G1 free with 800 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile internet
    browsing for a total of just £40 a month
    * Flext: get the T-Mobile G1 free on Flext with web’n’walk plus for just £40 per month including
    unlimited mobile internet browsing and up to 1,250 minutes or up to 2,500 texts or any mix of the

  4. I guess you have to get a 2-year contract. So if the UK guys pay 40 pounds per month, which actually is $28 more then the US guys pay, after 2 years you have paid $672 more then in the US. Don’t know if you can call that free…..

  5. Erm, £40 is a little over my current T-Mobile contract deal with Web’n’Walk so I assume they are clawing back the costs in extra monthly fees. The contract will likely be 12 or 18 months. Now I’m out of contract for my last handset my monthly bill is around £22/23 (which google reckons is around $40).

  6. I’m hoping to check out the details this weekend. Having been told that there is no way I’ll get a decent upgrade this side of 2009, I an hoping that the G1 is free to upgraders as well. I believe that the data package will be (or equivalent to) Web’n’Walk Plus, which has a cap of 3gb.

  7. If you look at the costs over the two year contract period including monthly payments the US phone works out at 175 USD CHEAPER than the UK deal.

    Where the up front price is less in the UK, the cost per month is noticably higher, thus making it more expensive over the contracts minimum time period, and for every month over the 2 years you stay on the contract the total cost of ownership gets more expensive if you buy the ‘phone in the UK compared to buying it in the US.

  8. This could be a sales marketing perception technique whereby its free so it seems cheaper but you get hit in the backend.

    But as I am unaware of the mobile taxes in the UK you still have to add in:

    G1 upgrade fee T-Mobile charges

    US taxes

    $40 voice + $25 or $30 data/month

    ***Even though the lowest voice plan at T-Mobile is $30, I believe you must get at minimum the $40 or $50 plan.***

    So after 2 years the savings in the UK would be approximately the $175 price someone in the US HAS to pay upfront.

  9. I asked about the price for upgrades today, and the store hadn’t even been told about the price plan, although they did have the date. Networks really should think about their existing customers before they start mouthing off about how much things will cost for new customers. Sure, he the G1 turns out to be free for upgraders, I’ll be happy, but if it’s a hefty charge that’s not fair. The iPhone gets it right with everyone being offered the same deal.

  10. Looks really good, I look forward to trying one out, lets hope it can deliver on the high standards RIM and Apple have set. It launches in the UK in early November and the rest of Europe 2009. No news on pay as you go, the handset will be free on price plans from £40 a month which will make it competitve with the iPhone on pricing, which is “free” for a £45 a month tariff from O2. Interested UK users can pre-register with T-Mobile here http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/tmobileg1 or keep an eye out for updates on pay as you go offers here.

  11. Seems strange how everything has gone quiet on the UK front. Since the announcement that it would take place at the end of October, no further details have been released, bar the list of applications that would be available. This is all well and good, but the UK release looks set to be a disaster in terms of smooth running.

    First of all, there is no pre-registering going on (at least not online), all that you get is a statement that they will email you more details as and when they come out. Finally had an email on Friday from T-Mobile, which basically consisted of the current website page for the G1, no price details or anything, other than a promise to keep me updated in the ‘coming weeks’. Has the G1 been delayed? Who knows, but claims of having 25,000 people putting their names down for one seem false, when all they have done is ask to be informed about the device – something which has not been done all that well.

    If they are not careful, Android might not kick off over here in the UK – which would be a shame. Okay, there are those that have stated that it’s cheaper in the US, but in the UK, potential owners should look at the prices of the Touch Diamond and its equivalents to get some idea of its value – I guess that Google must be subsidising the handsets, unless the truth is that we are expected to fork out £100 for Windows Mobile 6 on its own.

  12. UPDATE:

    Emails have now been sent saying that those that pre registered will be offered a means to be guaranteed a G1 on launch day. It seems that the launch takes place in London on the 30th at 7am.

    Choice of two price plans – I believe it’s down to a personal choice between Combi and Flext, with Web’n’Walk Plus thrown in for £40 per month. Phone is free (still no news on whether this applies to upgrades as well), with black or white being the colour choices.

    Three emails were sent in quick succession, the first said that it would be good to go in the morning, the second changed the time that you could go in store to 3pm on the 30th, and the third said wait for preorder details.

  13. Hard to say – they have already unveiled the apps that will be available as a little sweetener. I’d sooner have the brown model with the silver keyboard housing. All things considered, they’re taking their time letting anyone know what’s going on.

  14. Further update:


    Final email arrived – are T-Mobile serious with this? Check after 9am to see how to get one, or go to store. Still no news on if there is a cost on upgrades or not. This is not pre-registering, it’s a hosing to get some PR number rubbish going. After all that, those that have pre-registered have as much chance of getting one as someone who wanders in cluelessly off the street. Pointless.

    Helpful hint to anyone after a G1 in the UK, if you see someone hmming and aahing – point out that they can get a free PSP from T-Mob on certain deals and hope that sends them packing.

  15. Apologies for hogging: Carphone Warehouse are advertising the G1 also, so it isn’t restricted to T-Mobile stores only.

  16. Disgusted with T-Mobile. Upgrades not available until January. So not only do you have to wait, you have to pay for apps too?

  17. Al Sutton posted today that he got the FREE G1 in the UK for a great negotiated deal.

    £30 per month tariff with a 12 month minimum contract period with a total cost of ownership of around $586 (£360) for a year.

    Not too shabby – I wonder in the US if you can get the year contract while still getting the discounted G1 price.

    Either way I posted about how you can get the G1 for approximately 50% off – http://www.googleandblog.com/tmobile-g1-cheap/3221/

    ,Michael Martin

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